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How To Use Up Your Pumpkin This Halloween

According to Hubbub’s great Pumpkin Rescue campaign 15.8 million pumpkins will go to waste this Halloween, carved but not eaten? That’s enough for 95 million meals!  Here are some great ways

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Local News 17-24 September 2020

Our round-up of local news across the area (and a bit beyond) this week including Hungerford’s newcomer, Newbury’s bear, Chaddleworth’s delay, Lambourn’s website, Upper Lambourn’s broadband, Shefford’s council, East Garson’s meeting,

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Borlotti Beans

Borlotti beans are one of my favourite veg to grow. Their stunning pod colour makes me smile in the garden and unlike most of things we grow at home (why

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Direct Solar Energy Cooking

In the recent heatwave we decided to test how much we could cook directly from the heat of the sun. It wasn’t quite hot enough to fry an egg but

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Simple Summer Dips and Crudities

Our talented gardening friend Catherine Hill made all these dips and served them with homegrown lettuce, carrots, french beans, mange tout, spring onions, broad beans and golden beetroot. If you

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Local News 9-16 July 2020

Our round-up of local news across the area (and a bit beyond) this week including Hungerford’s call-in, Newbury’s Vietnam, East Garston’s re-opening, Lambourn’s newsletter, Thatcham’s toilets, Marlborough’s compromise, Grove’s station,

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Local News 4-11 June 2020

Our round-up of local news across the area (and a bit beyond) this week including Hungerford’s newsletter, Newbury’s pedestrians, East Garston’s news, Thatcham’s scrubs, Marlborough’s gardens, Aldbourne’s fundraiser, Bedwyn’s trains,

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Tribute to the Leek

Leeks are one of our favourite vegetables as they are so tasty, easy to grow and contain many unique flavonoid antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that have proven health benefits. It’s

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Pistachio & Courgette Gigli

This delicious pasta recipe with courgette, garlic and pistachio sauce comes from Hayley at the Packaging Not Included zero waste shop in Marlborough, where you take your own containers and

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Maymessy Cookery School

Maymessy is a place where good food gets its boots muddy, offering kids and young adults needing support the chance to follow their fruit and veg from plot via pan

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Salt Baked Beetroot with Blackberries

Salt Baked Beetroot with Blackberries Not rocks ! Salt baked beetroot with blackberries is truly delicious, as the salt crust intensifies the flavour of the beets. You can use a

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Local News Sept 5-12 2019

Apologies: in the 26 September 2019 Penny Post newsletter there’s a wrong link which has sent you to this page rather than the current Local News (26 Sept to 2

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Gardening - how to ripen green tomatoes

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Nothing beats the flavour of tomatoes on the vine but in this country it is to hard to get them all to ripen before the end of the season. So

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Spaghetti & Vegan Meatballs

Thanks to our friend Sophie for sharing this tasty recipe! It serves 3-4 people. Ingredients Meatballs 1 pack of tofu 1 large onion 1 pack of mushrooms 2 tbsp olive

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