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Geographical range, website, newsletter and social media stats –  see here.

Testimonials – see the foot of the post and also here.


Directory. This will give your business a listing in the appropriate section/s of the website business directory and enable a mention of your business to be found when people search the site.

Business page. An expanded entry which is viewed when clicking on your directory listing. A website form is available for you to upload your own details to the page.

Inclusion in weekly newsletter. We can, approximately once a month, mention your awards won, special offers, testimonials, acts of community engagement and what in our opinion are genuine news items providing you tell us about these. If you don’t, we’ll take reasonable steps to feature you but can’t guarantee any particular number of mentions.

Inclusion in Hungerford newsletter. Penny Post Hungerford is published at the start of every month and you will be featured in each of these. We’ll discuss and agree what you need to supply and in what section you’ll appear.

Social media. This can include all or any of creating and curating content, providing training or advice, posting or sharing your content.

Courses and Holiday Guides. Email us about 25 words of paste-able text describing your courses for the forthcoming period including relevant web links (usually to your website).

Job adverts. Email us paste-able text and a photo or logo for the header image. Each one-off job advert stays on the site for up to five weeks unless (a) there is an earlier deadline or (b) you ask it be removed sooner. There is no time limit for using the pack of three adverts. 12-month job adverts stay up for a year and are used to promote your range of likely vacancies, not specific positions. We do not charge for promoting unpaid positions (such as parish councillors, trustees or volunteers), regardless of the nature of the organisation.

Display adverts. Email us your advert as a JPG (800px wide x 420px deep) and the URL of the page the advert should link to. Alternatively, send us a suitable logo or image (600px wide at least), approx eight words of copy and we’ll design the advert for you

Event promotion. Email us the details and we will put your event on the calendar and promote in the newsletter at least two weeks before the event.

Solus emails, videos, photography, copywriting, interviews, design and content creation. Please contact us to discuss.

Marketing package. This also gives a 20% discount on all the extras mentioned in the second chart and on the Courses and Holiday Guides.


Penny Locke, 07768 981 658,

Brian Quinn, 01488 648 110,


“I’m delighted with the initial response since promoting myself through the Business Club with Penny Post. We’ve had three leads already in the first week and a half. Over the moon with this and looking forward to working with you during the coming year.”
Adam Badger, Smart Blinds, Thatcham

“Penny and Brian are not only provide brilliant support but also fun people to work with helping us develop our words and brand. Great value for money as well.”
Ollie Hunter, The Wheatsheaf, Chilton Foliat

Penny Post was an excellent and affordable way of advertising our vacancy to a wide local audience.  The service and advice they gave was excellent and we would definitely make use of Penny Post for job adverts in the future.”
Jacqui Thaw, Citizens Advice West Berkshire

“Penny Post was most useful to us when we launched Brearley & Rich Estate Agents in early 2016. As well as helping to establish the brand in the area, Penny Post was able to promote specific properties, drive traffic to our website and give us a forum for providing advice about buying and selling property. We would recommend businesses to use Penny Post’s website, weekly e-newsletter and active social-media presence to help promote themselves in an effective and imaginative way to the local area.”
Jon Rich, Brearley & Rich, Marlborough

“Thank you Penny Post for helping me rent my cottage so quickly.”
Harriet, East Garston

“Within a day or so of the Guide to Local Courses & Classes being e-mailed out I got my first new client…”
Diana Pattenden Ceramics Teacher, Newbury

“I am pleased to tell you I have a family of three starting in September who spotted the classes through your website. Thanks for all your work and help – more than half of my students have come through Penny Post!”
Angela Quiroga Spanish Club, Wickham

“Many thanks to Penny Post – in the week after the Courses & Classes e-mail was sent out I received several phone calls enquiring about my pilates studio”.
Charlie Prince, Wantage

“Thanks to Penny Post for help with our recruitment advert – we couldn’t believe how quick the response was and it was very affordable too.”
Carla Woodcock, HCA Healthcare

“Penny Post is always our first choice for local recruitment advertising.”
Simon Carver, RSK Entertainment

We recently placed a job advert in Penny Post. It was good value, we received good service and – most importantly – it generated the application of the successful candidate.”
Will Blackwell, Tomorrow’s Guides, Hungerford

“We recently placed a 12-month recruitment advert with Penny Post and started to receive enquiries within a couple of days.”
Rose Metali, Manager, Hungerford Leisure Centre

“Within three days of the ad being live, I’ve had my first call! I can’t recommend Penny Post highly enough – they really do care and work with their customers. It’s a great site and I will now be going there for all the local news and as the first stop when I need to source a business.”
Alan Pearson, Weston

I really appreciate the help Penny Post give me in publicising my Neighbourhood Watch meetings and including links to my handouts… Penny Post newsletters go out to a large circulation and is an asset to the local community.”
Newbury & Thatcham Neighbourhood Watch

We recently tried the ‘Penny Post Special‘ solus email marketing service with great success. February is historically our quietest month but with the help of Penny a professional targeted campaign was launched in the last week of January 2015: by the 30th I was booked out! I would highly recommend this service to any business wishing to create awareness of their offers and services.
Jon, Eclipse Cleaning

“Hello Team Penny Post – thank you very much for support the ‘Save the White Hart Inn’ campaign team – Penny Post makes a difference to rural communities in West Berkshire. Rural communities need a news platform like Penny Post – so many important issues to be aired”.
Anne Budd, Hamstead Marshall

“Penny Post works! We had several enquiries for the 45 chairs we needed to find new homes for and they’ve all gone. Thanks for your help.”
Dani Winslett, Hungerford Town Hall

“Advertising with Penny Post has been brilliant. Their Courses & Classes Guide helped me fill my books and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business owner. It’s affordable and they are lovely to deal with!”
Daniel Morriss, Music Tutor

“Thanks for helping me sell our dining table and chairs so quickly. As for the koi carp which we needed to find a new home for at short notice, we had several takers on the phone within twenty minutes of your promoting it  – two hours later, one of them had arrived and collected them.”
Jean, East Garston

“Penny is easy to deal with, quick and flexible. She spent an hour videoing in our shop, engaging with me and our customers. By the end of the day she had edited and posted a 3 minute video on social media. Within a week it was viewed over 4,000 times and shared over 50 times and resulted in new customers visiting us specifically requesting products that she had featured in the video.”
Hayley Lambert, Packaging Not Included, Marlborough


Please note that any editorial mentions of your business are included in any of the media which Penny Post employs at the editor’s discretion and that, if included, Penny Post reserves the right for whatever reason to edit these or to consult with you or to hold mentions over or not to include them at all as in its reasonable opinion it decides.

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