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Penny Post offers a unique coverage of life in and around the West Berkshire, Wantage and Marlborough areas including Lambourn, Hungerford, Newbury and Thatcham. You can follow Penny Post by signing up to our free weekly e-newsletter which reaches over 4,700 people across the area. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube and keep visiting this website.

Penny Post is:

informative, with well-written local news and opinion;
supportive of local businesses, charities, campaigns and events;
collaborative with local contributors working for local people;
entertaining, with competitions, quizzes, comment and short stories;
celebratory of good news; and
constructive in helping to suggest solutions for local issues.

We also publish monthly Penny Post Hungerford and Penny Post Lambourn Valley newsletters. East Garston News is published roughly once a month by East Garston Parish Council on behalf of Penny Post. The e-newsletters contain local news, events, business recommendations, items wanted or offered, jobs, properties, seasonal recipes and more. It also posted every week on Facebook and Twitter – all for free.


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Does it cost anything?

No, it is free to subscribe. However, if you have benefitted from Penny Post and would like to give something back please feel free to make a donation to this website via PayPal by clicking the donate button. This will help us continue to promote organisations and causes that have little or no budget.


Please click here for details of our commercial packages. If you need help not precisely cover by these options, get in touch (see below). Please click here to see what some of our clients and subscribers think of us.

Stats and demographics

E-newsletters – subscribers

• The weekly Penny Post – sent every Thursday (and re-sent to non-openers on Saturday morning) to over 4,900 subscribers throughout the Penny Post area.
Penny Post Hungerford – sent on the Tuesday after the first working Monday of the month to over 1,800 subscribers in the town.
Penny Post Valley of the Racehorse – sent on the Saturday after Penny Post Hungerford to over 1,100 subscribers in the upper Lambourn Valley.

E-newsletters – open and click rates

• The overall open rate is over 50%. In addition, newsletters are opened more than once, forwarded to others or are viewed as a webpage. In total, the weekly newsletters are generally opened between 4,000 and 4,500 times and the two monthly newsletters between 1,000 and 2,200 times.
• The clicks per unique opens rate varies from about 30% to 40%. The actual number of clicks is normally between two and three times the clicks per open rate, ie on average the people who do click visit two or three separate links.


• The Penny Post website currently receives about 22,000 page views a month from about 11,000 different sessions. In 2016, the respective figures were 10,000 and 4,000 and in 2018 they were 15,250 and 6,750. Many new posts are added each month and several others are updated.

Social media

• Penny Post has over 7,500 followers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram combined. Engagement with these platforms takes place pretty much every day.


• Subscribers to the newsletters are not obliged to say where they live (though many do) so we’re unable to be certain about the overall geographic spread. In any event, someone may have an interest in more than one area, for example if they live in Marlborough and work in Newbury. Our best estimate is that about 75% of our subscribers live and/or work in West Berkshire or have a close association with it; and that most of the rest are in the arc from Marlborough up to Wantage.

Contributing and re-using

How can I contribute to Penny Post?

Subscribers can simply email Penny at penny@pennypost.org.uk  or reply to any newsletter to contribute requests, recommendations, local events, items wanted/offered, jobs, properties, seasonal recipes etc.

Can I use any of the articles or posts on Penny Post in my own publication or website?

You are welcome to provide a link to any post on our site but Penny Post cannot guarantee that the post will not be disabled or the url changed so it would be wiser to check with us first. You may also quote extracts of a reasonable length providing you credit Penny Post as the source for this. You may not reproduce in whole or in part anything published on this website without the prior written permission of Penny Post.

The Penny Post ethos

Whereas traditional media often boosts sales through broadcasting bad or sensational news, we are committed to sharing constructive local news and opinions and to offering affordable advertising, flexible and effective promotional support for local businesses.

That’s not to say that we are in denial about bad news but where possible we suggest what people can do to help make the situation better. Nor does it mean that we accept good-news stories at face value but will do our best to dig a bit deeper and suggest praise or blame where it appears to be due. We are not affiliated to any political party.

We do our best to check sources, provide references and explain complex and technical issues.

We’re happy to express our opinions, happy to receive comments and happy to admit if we’ve got something wrong.

We’ve been involved in a number of local campaigns on matters ranging from pub closures to planning issues, from urgent charity appeals to public meetings and from dubious sewerage works to threatened libraries and post offices.

We are reassured by the popularity of Penny Post that this is what people really want. Click here to find out what some of our readers and clients think of us.


Penny Post is compiled by long-time local residents Penny Locke and Brian Quinn from East Garston with contributions from subscribers across the area. To discover more about them, listen to this Knock Knock with Suzie Cairns interview with Penny.

To get in touch, email penny@pennypost.org.uk or brian@pennypost.org.uk. If you’d rather call, you can reach Penny on 07768 981 658 or Brian on 01488 648 110.

A general note on the web stats

Any online stats can tell a variety of stories. Different sources (for example Google Analytics and a website’s own records) often disagree but not always in a consistent way. The email programme we use, Mailchimp, provides detailed stats but there are often anomalies, again in either direction, from what common sense or other information suggests. If the business of online stats were not such a dark art, everyone would understand it and there would not be so many people trying to sell their services as expert interpreters and improvers.

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