EV EVent in Hungerford, 26 June 2024

To celebrate the availability of clean renewable energy, a balmy sunny evening on Wednesday 26 June in Hungerford’s Church Street car park saw the arrival of 20 different all-electric cars with their proud local owners.

They came to participate in Hungerford Environmental Action Team’s (HEAT) “Is an EV for You?” event and share with visitors their enthusiasm for living with an EV. Dick Lovett BMW and Mini, as an event sponsor, showcased five of their many EV models as well as two electric BMW motorbikes.

In the Hungerford Hub, visitors heard from John Downe of HEAT and Dick Lovett Group’s EV Specialist, Scott Martin, how to choose and run an EV, including how to easily find and use public charge points on the infrequent occasions most owners use them. They also heard how filling the battery of an EV works out as the equivalent of buying fuel at 20p per litre (or less), causes no pollution or noise on our streets and shrinks our climate-damaging carbon footprints. A panel of experienced and new EV owners then answered a variety of questions from the audience.

Each visitor was given a printed copy of The Little Book of EV Myths, which looks at and refutes about forty accusations commonly made about EV cars: often, John Downe suggested, from sources with close links to the fossil-fuel industry. Copies are available from HEAT on heat_hungerford@yahoo.com.

If you have any questions about EVs, please feel free to contact HEAT on the above email address.


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