Opportunities at the Great Shefford Allotment Society by Juliet Steynor

Now we into April, I’m eagerly looking forward to the next growing season. I took on my Great Shefford Allotment Society plot in April 2022 and I haven’t looked back since…

Growing my own

My two kids have particularly enjoyed helping me there. The’ve liked helping me with the gardening but, to be honest, they’ve also loved having a muddy corner to dig up as they please. We’ve also had some encounters with hares, rabbits and mice (although I wasn’t overly happy to see them) and the kids gave squeals of joy seeing these wild animals so close.

As for me, I’ve found it a really welcome distraction from the chores in the house and a space to enjoy the outdoors. I thought initially I might struggle to keep on top of it but actually it’s been more the case of little and often. I’ve also managed to save money on our food bill which gives that extra sense of achievement.

My highlight from last year was managing to grow my own edamame beans which my daughter was beyond excited to eat. Another huge success has been the sweetcorn, which has also proved a big hit with my two little people. It’s so much sweeter than anything you can get in the supermarket and when you’re purchasing packs of 50 seeds for a few pounds it quickly pays off. The kids loved the magic of peeling back the silks to reveal the golden ears of corn.

We’ve also had big success with rainbow beetroot, courgettes, green beans, new potatoes, parsnips, garlic, onions and pumpkins. The kids loved watching the pumpkins grow and then harvesting them ready for Halloween. They were slightly disappointed that I grew green ones as I wanted ones with lots of flavour for cooking – my daughter nearly got the orange paint out…

About the Great Shefford Allotment Society

The Great Shefford Allotment Society is now able to accept applications from people living within a five-mile radius of the village. There are currently eight plots available – there’s even one with an established asparagus bed but you’ll need to be quick to secure it!

One plot this year it will cost £20 plus a £5 per year membership fee. Families could join together to take on a plot: it’s just a £3 per year membership fee for additional adult members on the plot. The society is full of friendly people who have always been happy to answer my many questions about all things planting and growing. So if you’d like to consider taking on a plot, now is the best time to do it.

If you’re interested in knowing more, please contact Paul Akers, on 07977 585 971 or r1paul2002@yahoo.co.uk.


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