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From the 18th to the 22nd of March I was able to do work experience with Penny Post. it was really good to have a whole week to write and edit articles with them, as well as talk to others about enviromental initiatives and about their own businesses and ideas.


I arrived at Penny Post in East Garston and met Penny, Brian, the cats and the chickens. We discussed the work I’d be doing during the week and Penny showed me how to edit the PP WordPress website.

Then I got on the phone and did some fact-checking with local organisations about events and activities to check the information PP had was correct.

In the afternoon we went to the Down To Earth Café to speak to Kate, the owner. It was really good to find out that all their produce is from SOFEA, a charity that distributes food that big stores couldn’t sell or didn’t have room for. The café was a really pretty community place that was close to Wantage town centre. Kate holds lots of community events to allow people to come together, and it is just generally a good place to sit and eat or do some work knowing that staff there are really pleasant and friendly. 

There’s such a big group of people who are really grateful to Kate and to all of the volunteers who use their time to work with the people around them. It was good to find out about some of their activities and look at the area where they prepared the food. It was great to hear about the training and volunteering opportunities that she gives people and the food support she provides for those who need it.


On Tuesday I started writing my article on the Grove airplane. I did some research on the history of Grove and into where the plane came from, and I learnt a lot that I would not have researched otherwise. Brian and I went through the structure and the improvements I could make to it. We also called several people to find out more about the subject. It was really good that all of them were interested in the same topics and issues that we were. 

I joined a Teams call with Penny to talk about all the reduce your plastic schemes around the area and what is and isn’t beneficial. I learnt about gumdrop bins and drain art, and other creative ways that people are making a difference that is visible in our communities.


On Wednesday we went to Sheepdrove, an organic farm and green-events venue near Lambourn, for an environmental talk. The farm is currently investing in rewilding and the Pasture For Life project, and it was interesting to hear about the research and initiatives going in there.

We also learnt about cornbuntings that are being studied in the fields and the significance of their song and how it changes. We heard from some students from Bristol about their research into how to accurately measure how much CO2 was being stored or taken in an area, as well as the acoustic sound produced by soil (and what was making it) as a way of measuring the health of the fields and what purposes it could be used for.

It was good to hear about what they were getting up to with their land and their plans for it. We then had a delicious lunch made by a wonderful chef. After this I did some more work on my article. We made some calls to talk about any information surrounding the plane and then finished putting some questions together for our Thursday call.


In the morning, I finished off my article with Brian. We made our final phone call and then I wrote in the new information surrounding the ownership of the plane, and then went back through everything we had written. Penny taught me how to create a featured image which we used at the top of the article and showed me how to publish it. 

It was amazing to see how many people had already interacted – within an hour it had had over 200 views – and it was gratifying to have it out in the open where people could interact with it. I then wrote a short piece on a new defibrillator in Thatcham and did some final editing to it before finishing up for the day.


In the morning we went to 4LEGS  community radio studio in the nearby village of Eastbury, run by Chris Capel. Penny was doing her This Week With Penny show which she presents about people and events in the area. We did an hour-long show with Sarah Roberts, where she told us all about a beautiful trilogy she had written based on the memoir of her mother and the history of her family surrounding the closeness and movement of people. 

I got to speak about what I’d done this week and about the airplane – why it was so significant and why people wanted to hear about it – and it was good to talk to others about what was going on. It was my first time on a radio show, and it was fascinating to see how it all worked. The show got put onto Mixcloud and I was able to share it around with others and tell them what I’d been up to.

I thn headed back with Penny and Sarah and completed my blog with Brian.

Working with Penny and Brian was a great experience. I wasnt sure what to expect but found that it was a really good insight into working in publishing. I worked closely with them but had the freedom to research the things that interested me.


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