5 ways to Love Your Spine This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is typically about showing how much you love and care for those special people in your life, but that’s not the only way you can celebrate the holiday.

At Hungerford Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Healthcare, we’re showing some love to one of our most important body parts, our spine!

Want to do the same? Here are 5 ways to LOVE your SPINE this Valentine’s Day:

1. Hydrate!
Start your morning with a glass of water. Between each vertebrae of your spine there are shock-absorbing discs made up of approximately 80% water. Ensuring a good water intake is crucial to maintaining all of the soft tissues in your body and most importantly keeping your spine move correctly.

2. Footwear
Choose supportive shoes to go about your day. If you’re on your feet running errands, commuting on foot or spending a lot of time in shoes, sometimes, picking function over fashion is much better for your body! Your foot position dictates how your spine moves so loving your spine starts from the ground up.

3. Posture
Be mindful of your posture. Simply being aware of whether or not you’re slouching your shoulders or carrying your head too far forward can help you make small postural adjustments that may help diminish back or neck pain. If you are unsure, ask a friend to take a picture of you to check.

4. Exercise
Love to exercise? That’s great! However, you should always be mindful of making sure the exercise is at an appropriate level for you right now. Spinal issues can occur from lifting weights that are too heavy for instance. If you have made it a goal to exercise more in 2024, maybe start gradually. As an example, lift lighter weights and gradually increase them as you get stronger.

5. Sleep
Did you know the average person spends nearly 230,000 hours on their mattress over the course of a lifetime? That’s why making sure yours is supporting your spine is so important! Mattresses may require flipping or rotating every couple of months, and sometimes, purchasing a new one if it’s been several years, generally the magic number widely advised is 7 years.

Ready to Love Your Spine this Valentines? Take a moment to listen to your body and really hear what it’s saying. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. We are always more than happy to help.

Rebecca Mitchell
Hungerford Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Healthcare
01488 683 666


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