How spammy are your emails? A one-minute test should give you the answer…

We send a lot of emails each week and it’s frustrating when some aren’t delivered merely because, as it were, the postie has decided to put them in the bin at the sorting office for reasons that we can’t predict or control without expert help.

Dejac Associates has been looking after our Macs (superbly) for several years so we’re pleased to pass on this information we’ve recently received from them on this very subject. We’ve recently performed it with some interesting results. Hopefully you will find this useful as well.

The possible problem

Have you ever wondered if all the emails you send are being delivered to their recipient’s inbox, and whether they’re being transmitted in a cyber-secure compliant manner? Take this one-minute test to find out…

Note that this will only work with personal or business email suffixes such as, so those with suffixes such as,,, and so on won’t find this relevant.

  • Visit and copy the weird-looking email address in the middle of the screen to the clipboard. Leave this web browser window open as you move to the next step.
  • Switch to your usual email program (Mac Mail, Outlook or whatever), compose a new email message and paste the weird email address into the “To” field.
  • Add a subject line of your choice and some random body text, then click “send”.
  • Go back to the web browser and the window you originally opened and click “Then Check Your Score”.
  • It will take a few seconds to analyse the path and security technologies your sending mail server uses before displaying the results out of 10.

The results

  • If you scored 9 or more, you have a good level of deliverability which doesn’t require further attention.
  • Scores of 6 to 8 probably can be improved and you may find some of your emails end up in the recipient’s junk folder.
  • If you scored 6 or less you’ll be having problems getting your emails through to all the recipients’ inboxes. This will need some immediate attention.

The solution

If you want me to review your results, a unique URL for your test results is at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste that into an email to and I will take a look. Note that there will be a charge should you wish to proceed with any of my recommendations. The final results depend on your SMTP mail server, DNS records access and your budget.


Darrin Charlton
Dejac Associates


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