Tops tips for a successful 2024 Growing Season

Rachel and the team at edge Landscaping share their professional tips for home gardeners:

  • Get prepared now; choose the crops you will grow and work out where you will grow them
  • Buy seeds now (or use saved seeds) – this means you will be ready when the time comes.  Look into heritage and heirloom varieties for more interesting crops
  • Make a sowing calendar – if you come on any of our courses, we will provide you with ours
  • Clean, oil, repair and replace any tools you might need next year
  • Use the winter to catch up on any further learning you want to do – we run many free sessions and have many videos on our You Tube channel
  • Join a gardening club or society to meet other gardeners, share knowledge and swap seeds
  • Mulch beds with green manures or other natural material e.g. straw, to protect the soil and retain a healthy soil ecosystem ready for next year
  • Plant any shrubs, trees and hedging before end Feb to give them the best chance of surviving summer
  • Compost everything you can now, for more output next year
  • Encourage the birds into your garden with seeds and water over winter – they will help with your pest control

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