Advice about flooding and pollution

If you see any flooding or fast moving water please can you, without danger to yourself, either capture still photos or very short videos – about five seconds with narrative of where it is. Where there is imminent danger to life, call 999 immediately.

Please see here a range of support and advice for affected communities:

Disruption to local services/road closures

  • Information on school closures due to bad weather will be announced on WBC website here.
  • For changes in waste or recycling collection see here.
  • For bus timetable disruptions see Newbury & District’s X/twitter feed.
  • Latest road closures and reminder that it is important to respect these closures. If you drive through and cause damage to your vehicle or the road you may not be covered by insurance.
  • • Wiltshire Council has a live map showing road closures. If you spot a road not listed that is affected by flooding or fallen trees please report it to Wiltshire Council directly here.

Report a flooding or pollution (sewerage/manholes) problem to:

Responsibilities of riparian ownership

National Flood Forum explains that ‘riparian owners’ (with land or property next to a river, stream or ditch) have responsibilities to maintain the waterway but also rights to protect their property from flooding. West Berkshire Council’s Flooding Be Prepared booklet that explains that roadside ditches are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner even if they are outside the property boundary. The only exception is if the ditch has been dug by the Highway Authority (either West Berkshire Council or National Highways depending on who maintains the road), specifically for the purpose of draining the highway.

The council is responsible for the ‘assets’ (grates, gullies, traps etc) located on this map (enter a postcode to see details) and they will escalate how often they clean out assets that are a particular problem. However, they ask that residents living next to these assets do their bit to help keep them clear, because during an emergency situation they can’t be everywhere at once.

More West Berkshire links:

Contacts for other districts:

More resources:


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