Top Three Tips to a Spook-tacularly Healthy Halloween (and Autumn)!

Autumn is upon us, as the nights are drawing in.

The leaves are crisp underfoot and there’s a spooky chill in the air. It can only mean one thing – it’s the most boo-tiful time of the year – Halloween is on its way!

1. Boooooost your Vitamin intake

During Spring and Summer, most people get enough vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. Between October and early March, sunlight alone is not enough to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, essential to protect against disease, and optimise physical and mental performance. Researchers found adequate levels of vitamin D, increases serotonin levels, therefore helping to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), anxiety and depression. It is also essential for restful sleep, strong bones, and maintaining blood pressure. Vitamin D can be found foods, including by oily fish, red meat, egg yolk, some breakfast cereals. However, the NHS advises us all to take a daily vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter. ‘Trick or Treat yourself’ and find a good quality supplement, we advise ‘In Health’ Supplements, we like them so much we stock them here in clinic.

2. Cloudy with a chance of pain

Can you ‘feel it in your bones’ if it’s going to rain, based on your joints hurting? You’re not alone, 75% of people with long-term pain conditions, such as arthritis, believe weather affects their pain. Many reported that pain is made worse by the cold and rainy weather. Scientists found, during a study in 2019, that people with chronic joint pain were more aware of their pain during high humidity and lower pressure weather days.

We’ve got every trick or treat in the book to keep you pain free this autumn!

• Get adjusted regularly to maintain optimum performance
• Put Epsom salt in your bath and foot soaks – for relaxation and reducing muscle aches
• Use reusable heat packs such as microwavable wheat bags to keep yourself toasty warm.

3. Don’t be a lazy bones this autumn, get moving!

A change in weather can cause us to feel fatigued, irritable, cause irregular sleep patterns, and can negatively impact our mood. Research has shown that walking, for just 20 minutes a day, not only increases mood and is great for our heart and lungs, but it also improves attention and academic performance.

A great tip for the children, especially with October Half Term coming up. A study by Hillman in 2009, found a 10% improvement in brain cognition after only 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise. A brisk walk at lunch, can help fight that afternoon lull.

Get active and have a fang-tastic Halloween!

• Walking is the perfect way to lift your spirits
• Instead of Goblin’ up sweets and chocolate, opt for healthier choices
• Walking is a fantastic grounding technique; focus on the leaves crunching under foot

And remember getting a regular adjustment or treatment for aches and pains can be the best treat you can give your body to help deal with seasonal change and those pesky autumn issues!

Witching you a Happy Halloween!

Rebecca Mitchell
Doctor of Chiropractic
Hungerford Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Healthcare
The Croft Hall,
01488 683 666


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