How to Enjoy a Safe and Eco-Friendly 2023 Halloween

Let’s keep Halloween fun and safe for everyone (and the planet of course…)

Eco-friendly Halloween Tips

The scary thing about Halloween is the amount of waste. Seven million Halloween costumes are thrown away every year, which is the same as throwing 83 million plastic bottles away.  – truly spooky. So here are some tips for a green Halloween:


Here are some great ideas for making your own plastic-free costumes.

Tragically, some synthetic costumes are very flammable and can cause nasty burns. See advice on burns here from First Aid Trainer Louise Worsley.


To avoid creating food waste, please use up your pumpkin when you stop displaying it. Here are some great pumpkin recipe ideas! If your pumpkin starts to go off before you have a chance to cook it, then please compost it or add to your food waste that is collected by your local council.

The Woodland Trust asks please do not leave your pumpkin in the woods as pumpkin flesh can be dangerous for hedgehogs, attracts colonies of rats and also has a really detrimental effect on woodland soils, plants and fungi. 

However, you can make a great bird feeder from pumpkin shell!

Hubbub pumpkin to eat's Pumpkin Rescue campaign


Sweets mean wrappers – so what about baking biscuits or cupcakes instead? And talking of sweets, here are some tips from Lambourn Valley Dental on how to protect your teeth from the Halloween hit of sugar… And instead of a plastic bucket why not make a reusable fabric one?

See here for more green Halloween ideas including homemade decorations and costumes.


Covid Safety Advice

If you are concerned about covid and don’t fancy traditional ‘trick and treating’ where you’d normally knock on doors and take treats from bowls that many little hands have already touched, there are other options.
Instead families can enjoy a ‘pumpkin’ trails where you go out as a family (all dressed up to scare) and look out for houses with Halloween decorations and pumpkins. Each time you see a pumpkin, you give your own child a treat from the supply you’ve taken along. That way your child still has all the fun and treats associated with Halloween, whilst remaining safe.

Equally you might want to create a Halloween themed family scavenger hunt in your own home or garden.

Advice from the Police

Halloween and the days preceding, is one of the busiest times of year for the police. They will always prioritise 999 calls so you may experience a delay when making a non-emergency call on 101.

If your call is not an emergency, you can report a crime or anti-social behaviour to us online. A dedicated team of operators work 24/7 to read and act on reports that are submitted, meaning you don’t have to wait on hold for your 101 call to be answered. More details are here: or you can report anti-social behaviour at

While Halloween is an exciting time for many, be aware that not everyone is happy for you to call at their home to trick or treat.

If you would prefer not to be disturbed by trick or treaters, you can download our poster and display this prominently in your window.

If you or your children see this flyer displayed please move on to the next house. Most people will have a pumpkin or Halloween decorations on display to welcome callers.

If you plan to go trick or treating, please:

only visit the homes of people you know well or who are clearly displaying Halloween decorations.

respect the wishes of those who display a no-trick-or-treat poster,

be considerate of those who may find large groups of people in scary costumes intimidating.

Police officers will be conducting extra patrols around Halloween. If you feel unsafe:

don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there.

use your spyhole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.

have a contact number of a close relative, friend or good neighbour to hand by your telephone, just in case you need to phone them.

Remember, if a crime is in progress or if you feel your life is in danger then call 999.  For non-emergencies, you can report crimes and ASB online or by calling 101.


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