Nature is sending an SOS – can you help BBOWT answer the call?

With nature at crisis point and continual awareness of our changing climate, it is vital we look for natural solutions to this challenge.  We know that creating habitats with natural features which are resilient with healthy soils will allow all types of wildlife to flourish across our landscapes. Many species of wildlife need corridors of the right types of habitats to enable them to move across landscapes, creating homes and collecting food sources.

The natural world is worth protecting in its own right – but a thriving natural environment is also one of the best defences against climate change. From woodlands, grasslands and healthy soils storing carbon, to floodplains protecting urban areas from floods, the natural world can slow the progress of climate change and protect people and wildlife from its impacts. See more about this on our website.

Our chalk grasslands are a vital habitat, as they are as species rich as the rainforest and if in a healthy condition are also useful in the fight against climate change. When habitats are permanent, rarely ploughed and include a wide variety of plants, the funghi in the soil are able to capture more carbon.  So, for instance wildlife friendly farming practices have the additional benefit of sequestering more carbon.

Collaboration needed to achieve ’30 by 30′

BBOWT has pledged that by 2030, 30% of land across our three counties will be ‘wildlife rich’ allowing us to bring nature back and to have a chance of fighting climate change. To achieve this we have to work at a landscape scale with landowners and farmers with the support of philanthropists.

Thanks to the kind support of Sheepdrove Organic Farm, we hosted a recent event there to discuss ‘Integrated futures for farming and nature’s recovery – is there a win win scenario?” Inspiration about what is possible was provided by Lord Benyon regarding the substantial environmental progress across the Englefield Estate, and by Land Healer author and experienced conservationist Jake Fiennes regarding the wildlife gains he has achieved at the Holkham Estate in Norfolk.

For any landowner or farmer who wants help increasing their land management for nature, BBOWT offers a Landowner Consultancy service via Future Nature Wildlife Trust Consultancy.

Nature Recovery Fund Appeal

Local wildlife populations are in steep decline and our climate is in chaos. This is arguably the biggest threat to life on earth faced by our generation, and nobody is immune. Nature is sending an SOS and we must answer the call. It’s never been more urgent.

That’s why we have launched the biggest fundraising appeal in our history. Our Nature Recovery Fund aims to raise £3 million in three years to tackle this crisis head on.

It’s an ambitious target, but the potential for positive change right here in our three counties is huge.

BBOWT is in a unique position in our region. We know what the problems are and how to fix them. We have the experience, the specialist staff and an army of volunteers – we just need more green power in our engine.

We must restore nature on a landscape scale we’ve never attempted before and involve more people than ever in our fight to save nature. To hit our target of 30% of land well-managed for nature and a quarter of people acting for nature by the end of the decade, we need to aim much higher.

Please support us here:

Laura Pepper
Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust


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