Penny Post Late Summer 2023 Quiz – with a wonderful prize from the Jack Russell Inn in Faccombe near Inkpen – the answers and the winner

This competition has now closed. The winner and the answers are provided below

Summer is here (sort of) and to celebrate the fact we have another bumper quiz for you to get your teeth into over the next month or so: and, for the lucky winner, a very special prize…

The prize

Many thanks to Luke Bailey and Chris Bounds from the Jack Russell Inn in Faccombe near Inkpen for donating this truly excellent prize: 

a meal for two, a bottle of house wine, a double room for the night and breakfast the next day.

The quiz

You’ll see below 22 questions. All are either about 2023 or the local area (mainly the environs of the village of Faccombe).

When you’ve answered the questions, take the first letter of each answer and re-arrange these to form a phrase which is relevant to the quiz.

Note that the three questions that require your spelling out a number are, in no particular order, at the end. All the others are arranged alphabetically by their answer (whether A to Z or Z to A is for you to determine).

The questions

All warmed up? Running spikes on? Lucky medal safely round your neck? On your marks, get set…

1   The village was formerly known as Faccombe…what? Upstrete.

2  Picket Piece is due what of Faccombe? South.

3  Which Maggie, mother of Rosamund and Robert, acted a few miles east of Faccombe? Smith (in Downton Abbey).

4  Where can you glide nearby? Rivar Hill.

5  Which film released in 2023 certainly didn’t bomb? Oppenheimer.

6  On which hill is the Jack Russell Inn? Netherton.

7  Which Vondrousova won in July? Marketa Vondrousova won Wimbledon in 2023. 

8  Which team sent their opponents to Coventry in the play-offs? Luton Town beat Coventry City in the 2023 Championship play-offs.

Which family owns the Faccombe Estate? Landon. 

10  We’re on first-name terms with the local MP. Kit Malthouse.

11  What links The Alchemist, our first dictionary and The Churchill Factor? Johnson (written by Ben, Boris and Samuel).

12  Where can you do some old-school writing more or less due north of Faccombe? Inkpen.

13  Go north for about two miles then east for about two more: what compass point of trees and dried grass do you find? East Woodhay.

14  What did the WHO say was no more on 5 May 2023? The Covid pandemic.

15  Which side won the Test by 26-17 on 4 May 2023? The Conservatives, who won the local elections in the Test Valley by this number of seats. 

16  Room named after a diminutive dog, Country & Town House magazine tells us. Chihuahua.

17  What kind of meat is Dexter, as revealed by the same source? Beef.

18  Take Bartletts Down Lane out of Faccombe going east. What’s the first village you’ll come to? Ashmansworth. 

19  Andover’s twin (not the Teutonic or the Gallic one). Andover (Mass, USA).

20  What’s the last digit of the Jack Russell Inn’s phone number (spell it out, please) Five.

21  How many bedrooms does the Jack Russell Inn have (spell it out, please)? Eleven.

22  To the nearest Google mile, how far is it from Faccombe to Hungerford via inkpen Road (spell it out, please)? Nine (actually 8.6).

Shake all the bold letters above in a hat and pull them out and eventually you’ll get

Jack Russell Inn Faccombe

…which is, as I’m sure you’ll agree , relevant to the to quiz.

The winner

Congratulations to Janet Cole from Hungerford whose entry was the first out the hat of those of you who supplied the correct answer. You can read her account of her visit here.

Well done to all the rest of you who got the answer and better luck next time – there’ll be another Penny Post quiz coming along soon with another great prize.

How to enter

Please email the phrase (not the 22 individual answers) to [email protected] with the subject “PP 2023 summer quiz” by midnight on Monday 9 October 2023 (extended deadline).

Please be sure to add your name, where you live (the town or village name is fine) and your phone number (which we’ll only use if we need to contact you about this competition). Please also see the terms and conditions below.

Many thanks again to the Jack Russell Inn for the prize, to Tim Sands (the winner of our last quiz) for his advice and to Jeremy Isaac from Country & Town House magazine.

Terms & conditions

• The winner will be selected at random from the correct or most correct entries received and notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date (see above). Acceptance must be confirmed by email within 48 hours of the notification or we will select another winner to whom this condition will also apply. The judge’s decision in all matters will be final.

• Only one entry can be accepted from any one email address.

• If you’re not already a subscriber to Penny Post, by entering this competition you’re agreeing to have your email address added to our newsletter circulation list. We do not pass on information to third parties (save as specified below with regard to the winner) and you can opt out at any time.

• The winner will be put in touch with the Jack Russell Inn directly to make the arrangements for redeeming the prize. For this purpose it will be necessary to provide the Jack Russell Inn with the winner’s email address.


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