My work-experience week with Penny Post in July 2023 by Kaden Womersley

Between 10 and 14 July I had work experience with Penny Post, and here’s what I did.


I arrived on Monday to the smell of pancakes cooking in the kitchen. As Penny and Brian introduced themselves and explained the week ahead I felt at home straight away. Despite the cats’ best efforts, we got a lot done on the first day. For example, first thing we were making calls to different businesses and people and then Penny taught us how to edit the website with WordPress and Elementor.

I helped edit the summer gardening posts, the Shefford primary school page and added a range of events to the website calendar. We helped to prepare the Lambourn Valley newsletter which was due to go out later that day. I also began my first article for Penny Post. After all that it was time to go home until tomorrow.


On Tuesday we focused on updating the summer holiday guide for children in the area and got in touch with many different summer camps, holiday clubs and leisure centres. We got a lot done including learning how to use Photoshop. Checking all the links from last year turned out to take longer than expected.

Our lunch break didn’t go as expected when Brian and Penny brought out the smoothie bike and Aimee and I made smoothies (pedalling the bike which powered the blender) out of loads of different fruits and berries, some of which we picked in the garden.

After lunch, I went to Brian’s office and he helped me work on and plan my Lambourn Valley Rail article and although our work didn’t save for some reason (digital gremlins are everywhere) I found what he showed me very useful.


On Wednesday we had a change of scenery as we went to the Educafe and Chatty corner at the library in Newbury. During the bus ride there, Penny had us interviewing other passengers on their reasons for using the bus and what they thought about it – this was a bit of a shock but I quickly got used to it. 

I really enjoyed the time I spent at the Educafe and found it really interesting talking to different volunteers, ‘chatters’ and the woman who helps run it. Writing an article based on what all the different people whom I spoke to told me was really cool and seeing it on the website was a really good feeling.


Thursday is the busiest day for Penny and Brian as they must work hard to make sure the weekly newsletter gets out on time.

They showed us how they decide which stories to follow and what does and doesn’t make the final newsletter, which was very interesting to see.

 I mainly focused on my blog and other articles, although I did help finish up on the 2023 summer holiday guide by using Elementor to insert images and edit text. After publishing my Educafe article, Clare (an organiser of Educafe) came back with some really positive feedback about it and it felt like I had done a really good thing.


My last day but certainly not the least, we started off by visiting the Shefford and Chaddleworth Primary School where Penny and her Quaker friend Chris gave the students a talk about the history of and what it’s like to be a Quaker. I thought it was very interesting. Quakerism is very unique and it was good to see them teach something that they’re passionate about. 

After a rainy drive back to Penny and Brian’s place we worked on adding finishing touches to our articles and blogs and getting them published to the website.

I have loved my time with Penny Post this week – meeting different people and learning new skills has been great. They both taught us loads of important and useful skills whilst keeping a really relaxing environment in their home. 

Penny and Brian are both really friendly and easy to get along with. 

I would definitely recommend doing work experience with Penny Post and I guarantee you will enjoy it – as long as you like cats (especially black ones) as Marmite is very friendly too…

By Kaden Womersley, Year 10 work experience King Alfred’s


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