Broad Bean recipes for more than just the bean

We started harvesting our broad beans this week and after the weeks of germination and nuture I am determined to use as much of the plant as possible.

The tender top leaves of the plant are delicious sauteed in oil and just a little water. They taste very similar to the beans and are worth pinching out anyway if you start to get blackfly. Apparently the flowers are edible too.

How to Cook Broad Bean Pods

The outer pod need not be wasted! It is surprisingly tender (if the pod is quite big, peel off the fibres along each edge) and tasty if cooked appropriately so here are some recipe ideas:

  • Toss the pods in flour and fry them (or try cooking in an air fryer if you want to reduce amount of oil).
  • Broad Bean Pod Fritters with Sriracher Mayonnaise.
  • Chargrilled whole broad bean pods (with beans still inside).
  • chop empty pod into inch long sections, saute in oil and a little water. Put a lid on and turn down to let them cook through and become tender. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds and a splash of soya or fish sauce. A friend also serves them with parsley bechamel sauce.



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