Cruse Bereavement Support in West Berkshire

Many people will experience the death of a parent, sibling, baby, child, friend or partner at some point in their life. Some deaths can be timely, others sudden; death may follow an illness which is either unexpected or terminal; a result of a tragic car accident or through suicide.

The depth of loss and pain experienced can be overwhelming. Nothing can quite prepare us for the inevitable – there is no Haynes-like ‘grief ’manual to help us process and come to terms with our individual grief journey; but help and support are at hand

Cruse Bereavement Support is the leading national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For over 60 years Cruse has been offering advice, support, and information to people after bereavement. We support children, young people and adults and work to enhance societies care of bereaved people.

Cruse Bereavement West Berkshire has been providing services to the local community for over thirty years. Our services are delivered by a team of 30 dedicated and highly-trained volunteers. We offer telephone, video and in-person support to individuals and groups alike.

Whether suffering a bereavement for the first time or more; either recently or sometime in the past, we can offer vital support, an empathetic ear and practical tools to deal with peoples grief (a Grief Toolkit). We create a safe and secure place to help adults, children and young people to understand, make sense of and work through their grief.

Our clients will gain invaluable insights to help them best understand their grief journey; whether finding the right words to articulate how they actually feel or reassurance that an experience akin to an emotional rollercoaster can actually be a normal grief reaction!

Equally, perhaps you know a friend, a work colleague or family member who has recently been bereaved and you are not sure how to help. For example what to say or where to signpost them for further help and support.

Bereavement information can be accessed via our national website or for children and young people Or call our local helpline 01635 523 573 for friendly advice or to access individual support (please leave a message if it goes to voicemail and someone will return your call shortly).

If you are part of an organization who would like to learn more about individual and group training opportunities please email:

Many of our resources are free and downloadable and can be accessed from our national website

Caspar Williams
West Berkshire Cruse Bereavement Support
Broadway House
4-8 The Broadway
Northbrook Street
RG14 1BA
01635 523573



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