Four Days Work Experience with Penny Post in May 2023 by Maximilian Taucher

I am Maximilian Taucher and a student from Newbury College studying Media Creative Level 3. This is my blog about doing work experience at Penny Post in May 2023.

Media and creative is my passion and it what I want to do. My work experience job is Digital Media and Journalism, and the small media company is called Penny Post, based in East Garston.

Tuesday 9 May

First day arriving at their placed  meeting Penny and Brian. I loved it already because it seems like it will be fun work experience. They have a garden with chickens, three cats kept jumping on me and ducks on the river. It a wonderful place to work and enjoy nature.

My tasks were to learn to write articles and help them with video editing. Penny and I shared skills on Premiere Pro and finished editing a video for the Hungerford Youth Club.  Penny asked me how to do the subtitles on YouTube, so I showed her how edit these on the video.

Penny been showed me how to use Word Press to create website categories, edit menus and change categories of posts. Also, I learnt the calendar app called Timely to create events and for the Penny Post website.

Wednesday 10 May

Penny and I went to Newbury Library to talk people at Educafe. I interviewed them about the coronation celebrations by using a recording app and taking notes. It was my first time going to Educafe and I loved it: it was nice meeting new people, and interesting to hear their opinion about the coronation.

After Educafe we went back Penny and Brian ‘s place. I did Photoshop work and wrote up the article What do the public think of the Coronation Celebrations? While working in office, the cats were, once again, everywhere and sometimes climbed on me.

Thursday 11 May

My main task was to finish off the Coronation Celebrations article and carry on writing this blog about my work experience. I also went though photos and chose some for the article and edited them using Photoshop. It was more relaxing day than Wednesday in Newbury but I still got a lot done.

Friday 12 May

On my last day at Penny Post, Penny and I went to a local radio studio and met Chris, the owner. The station is called 4LEGS Radio. It was my first time doing live radio and, as a deaf person, I was bit worried because I was dealing with audio: but it went brilliantly and I would love to do it again.

The radio show was about me as a guest with Penny and Chris talking to me about what it like to be deaf and working in the media. The best part  I get to play my favourite songs. Then, back to Penny’s place to carry on finishing off my blog and doing some Photoshop and videos.

Doing work experience at Penny Post really helped me to improve my writing, to learn how to use Word Press and Timely and to do interviews. These are new skills for me as I ammore comfortable with practical creative tasks such as making videos and taking photos.

I am going to miss working at Penny Post and thank you Penny and Brian, for the opportunity.

Maximilian Taucher
Newbury College student


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