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King Alfred’s in Wantage offers a week off school to allow all year 12 students to complete work experience. I chose to do mine at Penny Post since I am taking English Language A-level and I have a particular interest in journalism. I have done four days of work experience here and each day was very varied and exciting, with loads of new experiences including making professional phone calls, interviewing a senior national politician, writing my own article on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and learning how to use WordPress, Elementor and Photoshop new technology to edit text and images and upload them to the Penny Post site. I also got to hone my researching, writing, and editing skills in a calm and welcoming environment (that was full of cats).  

Here is a brief diary of what I got up to:

Monday 24 April 2023

I was a bit nervous at the beginning of the day but Penny and Brian were very welcoming and soon set me to work. I started the day by checking and editing a document as practice which led me to learn new skills like hotlinking and researching. They encouarge me to make professional phone calls which made me a bit nervous to start with (but has got easier through the week). Then I worked on creating and researching some interview questions for candidates in the local Hendreds ward – one of whom happens to be my mother. After that I had a quick lesson in using photoshop for creating logos and a training zoom call to learn how to create events for the website calendar using the platform.

Tuesday 25 April 2023

I began the day editing one of the existing pages on the website to ensure it was up to date. At that point I took a break in the garden and tried my hand at slacklining (tightrope walking between two trees – pretty hard!). Next I created a business directory page for a client with text and an image and phoned her up to let her know. Then Penny took me along with her to help set up display boards for an event occurring this weekend in East Garston. It was interesting to help improve the lighting and wall space for the projected slide images for the speakers.  When we got back to Hillsprings I used Photoshop to create a montage image by myself for an event on Timely.

Wednesday 26 April 2023

Wednesday was an incredibly interesting day, we started it by going to Newbury where I had the exciting opportunity to interview Baroness Jenny Jones in the cafe of the Corn Exchange. She was very friendly. After that we went to the library where I typed up and edited the transcript of the interview that I had recorded on my phone as well as meeting local Green Party candidate Michael Wakelyn-Green. To finish the day we returned to base and I finished editing and posted the interview for the Hendreds ward candidates.

Thursday 27 April 2023

I started by finishing up the editing of Baroness Jenny Jones’ interview and then moved onto writing and posting my own personal article on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then I had a break from the computer and hand painted road signs for the event this weekend. All with Marmite the cat’s help of course.

The week has gone by really quickly because there has been a lot of variety and interesting things to do I haven’t had a chance to get bored.

I now feel more confident with making phone calls to people I don’t know and I am pleased to have learnt the basics of really useful digital marketing tools. I am looking forward to doing more of this kind of work in the future.

Attempting slacklining
Meeting Green candidate Michael Wakelyn-Green
Interviewing Baroness Jenny Jones

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