West Berkshire plans for ‘The Big One’ climate event in London Friday 21 – Monday 24 April

On 1 January 2023, Extinction Rebellion announced that they were quitting disruptive action to the public. Instead they are coordinating a huge peaceful protest called The Big One at Westminster between Friday 21 and Monday 24 April. The hundreds of participating organisations include Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Parents for Future UK, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Climate Justice Coalition, Quakers in Britain, RePlanetUK, Earthday.org, Pesticide Action Network UK, Climate Psychology Alliance, Fossil Free London and Fashion Declares.

What’s it all about?

The aim is to gather 100,000 supporters who will ‘Unite to Survive’ and display their own banners and messages. The aim is to convince the government to immediately stop new fossil fuel licenses and end of tax subsidies to fossil fuel companies. See the low-down on the recent report from the IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) and the measures advised.

Why go?

Do you feel that signing petitions and writing to your MP isn’t making any difference? This is an opportunity to create an unignorable gathering of voters who are say they aren’t happy with government policy, to meet like-minded people from across the country and to bear witness in a peaceful way to what is happening with the climate and social justice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t belong to a participating group. Just go along as yourself. As Margaret Mead said: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

The event coordinators are liaising with the Met Police who have affirmed the right to peacefully protest outside government buildings.


Visit this webpage for latest updates on the four day schedule.

💛 Friday 21 April – we Unite to Survive, flooding Westminster in a wave of flags and banners.

💚 Saturday 22 April is Earth Day – An enormous, celebration & family-friendly march for biodiversity! Costumes, music, giant puppets for the annual international day of environmental awareness. We unite for nature, biodiversity and the planet.

🧡 Sunday 23 April we are Running Out of Time! we coexist with the London Marathon as it cuts across Parliament Square, providing an exciting opportunity to engage with the huge crowds of spectators.

💙 Monday 24 AprilChoose Your Future. Parliament returns, the demand is delivered. Make connections and plan the next steps.

If you can only go one day, Lisa Hill from XR West Berkshire. recommends the Friday.

To let the organisers know you are planning to attend The Big One you don’t have to join XR, please just register here.

The logistics

The local point of contact for The Big One is Lisa Hill from XR West Berkshire on lisakmhxr@gmail.com

You can also join this facebook group.

Please contact Lisa for information about transport subsidies and if you want to stay the night in London free campsites and ‘human hotels’ (spare beds offered by supporters who live in London) are on offer.

If you are part of a group you can arrange to travel up to London on the same train.

Lisa has set up whatsapp groups for each day so people who want to go from West Berkshire can chat beforehand and arrange to travel together or to meet up there. Please join the groups on the days you are thinking of going, and share this message to others, including supporters coming from other groups or family and friends.

Whatsapp Group for Friday 21 April

Whatsapp Group for Saturday 22 April

Whatsapp Group for Sunday 23 April

Whatsapp Group for Monday 24 April


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