Mother’s Day 2023

Mother’s Day is almost here!

With roots in the 16th century, Mother’s Day (more traditionally named Mothering Sunday) is a time to spoil and appreciate all the mothers in your life (even more than you normally would).

Observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent, the original focus of Mothering Sunday was on the visitation of mother churches (the main church in a diocese) rather than actual mothers. A familial aspect was naturally introduced to the day as children who worked away (usually daughters from the age of 10) were allowed to return home to the churches of their youths and were reunited with their kin. The journey home was called ‘going a-mothering’. Mothering Sunday was also known as Refreshment Sunday because the fasting rules for Lent were relaxed that day.

It soon became accepted practice to give children and young people in service the day off to visit their family and mother church. The traditional Mothering Sunday flowers probably have their root in the collection by such youngsters of roadside wildflowers on their way home.

As the significance of the mother church on Mother’s Day lessened, the significance of actual mothers grew, leading to the secular nature of our modern Mother’s Day (which was originally an American term). 

There are lots of ways to spoil your mother on Sunday 19 March, whether you make her a gift or treat her to a special lunch. Here are some of our ideas:


Mother’s Day Gifts

Lovely range of artisan, homemade Mother’s Day gifts from The Curve in Hungerford.

Make a Silver Bangle/Cuff Mother’s Day Special (inc lunch) with Loucinda Nims Sat 18 Mar, Lambourn.

Make a Silver Ring, Mother’s Day Special with Loucinda Nims Sun 19 Mar, Lambourn.

• Mother’s Day Wreath Workshop City Arts Newbury, Sun 12 Mar.

Hand-tied Flowers Workshop 7 – 9pm Thu 16 Mar, The Retreat, Elcot Park

Mother’s Day at Inklings Gift Shop

This popular gift shop on Hungerford High Street has lots of new stock for you to chose your gifts and cards from. We have lots of lovely gifts and cards for Mums whether it be bath, beauty or more general gifts.

Mother’s Day is a great excuse for a pamper!

Natura Spa near Kintbury is offering wonderful Half Spa Days & Full Spa Days between 13 and 18 March. Spa day guests receive 10% OFF on all food at Blandys Bistro, this includes lunch, full afternoon & cream tea.

See here for details or 01488 68 22 98

simnel cake

Simnel Cake was originally made for the fourth Sunday in Lent when the fast would be relaxed. It is known as the Refreshment Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday or Simnel Sunday – named after the cake. 

Here is a simnel cake recipe recommended by Ruth Jordan from Priscilla’s Cafe.

bath bombs

Homemade bath bombs are fun and a lovely gift. 

For a simple bath bomb recipe and instructions watch this youtube video or search other tutorials on youtube. 

To make basic bath bombs generally you need: cornflour, bicarbonate of soda, bath salts (epsom salts), citric acid, essential oils, colour dye and moulds.

Mother’s Day Lunch

Good news for busy dads this Mother’s Day: The Five Bells in Wickham will bale you out with the perfect Sunday roast that you only have to re-heat at home (full instructions provided). Not that dads aren’t capable of cooking a roast: just if you have an armful of kids to look after that day, a short cut might be a blessing.



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