How to make a dogwood bird feeder

Thanks to gardener Linda Forrester from Great Shefford for this tip that she read about in the RHS magazine.

As dogwoods need pruning in late winter, this bird feeder is a good idea for using the cut stems to weave a cage for fat balls.

To make each one you need 8 to 10 thin whippy stems from either dogwood, hazel or willow, and some florists wire, garden twine and fat balls.

Tie the long stems together after trimming off any side branches. Bind them together with the florists wire. If you have small pots the same size as a fat ball you can form a cage by bending the stems around them. Then bind the opposite end, leaving the tips untrimmed. Weave thinner branches into bands to form a cage, remove the pots and replace with balls.

But it still works if you don’t have pots – as the stems are flexbile and you can just bend the stems to wedge the fat balls inside.

Make a loop tie with garden twine and hang well above ground level to protect birds from predators.


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