Friluftsliving (no, that’s not a typo…)

With the New Year upon us, now’s a fantastic time to embrace new healthy habits.

While it may be something that’s hard to say five-times-fast, friluftsliving is one such habit that nourishes your body and mind. The expression friluftsliv was invented by the famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in the 1850s, who used the term to describe the value of spending time in remote locations for spiritual and physical wellbeing. We live in a location that boasts some incredible areas to get outside, so without further ado;

Here are four tips on how to make friluftsliving part of your spring season:

1. Plan Ahead
The key to making friluftsliving part of your regular routine is to plan ahead. Decide what activities you want to do outside, such as hiking, walking your dog, gardening, you name it as long as it’s outdoors. Then plan the details. Research trails or parks near you that have your preferred activities available, gather supplies and create a plan for when you will go out in nature. Having a clear idea of what you want to do will help ensure that you stick with it.

2. Bring Friends & Family
Going out in nature with friends and family can be a great way to increase motivation and enjoyment of outdoor activities. Having someone else along can help keep each other accountable for staying on track with your outdoor plans, plus it’s more fun!
Spending quality time outdoors with those you love can improve relationships by creating shared experiences that strengthen bonds between individuals.

3. Stay Safe
No matter where you go or what activity you choose to do while friluftsliving, always remember safety first. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and even consider bringing a first aid kit if necessary.

4. Physical Condition
Of course we encourage our community to engage in forming healthy habits to help you become the best version of yourself, getting outside and exercising is a very common recommendation within the practice. Another healthy habit to engage in is taking good care of your physical health. Whether it be through regular chiropractic care or physiotherapy sessions, we are here to serve you and keep you functioning at your best! Give us a call for advice or to book a session.

Dr Rebecca Mitchell
Hungerford Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Healthcare
The Croft Hall, Hungerford
01488 683 666


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