Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership

SHAP Swindon aid for Ukraine

Over the past 9 months Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership has collected sorted boxed and delivered over 750 tonnes of aid to trusted charities and foundations in Ukraine. 

We try to ensure the media continue to focus on the continuing Ukrainian tragedy when there are so many other domestic issues demanding their attention.

May 2023 update

The bus donated by Swindon Bus Company has been fully kitted out as a mobile medicaly unit with bed, stretcher, heart monitor, running water, electricity etc by the incredible SHAP volunteers at their facility in Swindon.

It was driven to Westminster and handed over to His Excellency Vadym Prystiako, Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK, at a ceremony on Monday 22 May. For full story watch this video here.



March 2023 update

Incredible news – we have received a bus from Swindon’s Bus Company which we are converting into a mobile field hospital, fitted with hospital beds and anything else required before being delivered to Ukraine. 

We have 18 pairs of seats in good condition that have been removed from the bus and are looking for a new home! If you woud like any of them please contact SHAP Chair, Mike Bowden on mzbowden@btinternet.com or 07989 494319.

We are also loading a max size articulated lorry on Thursday 16 March at our unit near Swindon railway station. It will soon be on its way to East Ukraine where the situation is at its worst and the human need the greatest .
It’s our first association with a similar organisation to SHAP based in Kent. Kent Help For Ukraine are delightful people who have organised the lorry and have kindly offered us 50% of the payload. 

February 2023 update

In response to the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria, we have been asked to divert some aid to that region and we are very happy to do this.

Huge, huge thanks for the overwhelming response to the collection day on Tuesday 7 February at Hungerford Youth & Community Centre.

Candles for Ukraine

Our Candles for Ukraine campaign struck a chord over the Christmas period and is now getting national media coverage . But it is far from a media gimmick. It is a response to a desperate need in Ukraine – where many areas only have electricity supplies for a few hours a day – for alternative sources of heat  and light. It is hard to believe that it has come to this in Europe in 2023. Please see details of candle drop-off locations here.

In addition we support the growing number of Ukrainian visitors to Swindon with housing, school and university places, benefit applications and generally understanding of the systems (quirky and otherwise) in the UK. We identify issues of concern and campaign for sensible and credible changes eg rent guarantees being offered by local authorities, allowing Ukrainians to lawfully drive manual gearbox cars (yes really – they are only legally allowed to drive automatics).

If you would like to make a donation please please call 07379 336627, visit our facebook page facebook.com/SHAP.Ukraine or join our facebook group.

Your kindness support and generosity is much appreciated.

Mike Bowden
Chair, SHAP
07379 336627

SHAP facebook group


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