Penny Post Prize Christmas and New Year Quiz 2022-23 – the answers

This competition has now closed. The answers and the winner can be found below.

Yes, it’s back once more – our annual bumper prize quiz with 18 questions about 2022 and the local area for you to get your teeth and brains into. The entry deadline is Monday 23 January 2023.

The prize

This year’s prize is a special one – a digital hamper of vouchers from the participants in our 2022 Christmas Guide including Natura Spa at Inglewood, Wiltshire Liqueurs, Hungerford Bookshop, Berkshire Trout, Cobbs Farmshop, Willow and Bloom Florists in Newbury, Mio Fiore Restaurants in Hungerford & Newbury, The Five Bells in Wickham, Toy Planet in Wantage, ExCluesive Games in Newbury, Mushroom Culture, Packaging Not Included in Marlborough and Thatcham Refillable mobile refill shop.

The combined value of the vouchers is over £250. All are transferable to others should you wish to spread the love.

The quiz

You’ll see below 18 questions. All are either about 2022 or the local area (or both).

When you’ve answered the questions, take the first letter of each answer and re-arrange these to form a phrase which is relevant to the quiz.

To give you a bit of help, the three questions for which the answers are just a single letter appear, in no particular order, at the end. All the others are organised alphabetically (whether A-Z or Z-A is for you to determine).

The questions

All bets placed? Binoculars at the ready? We’re under starter’s orders – and they’re off…

1.  Penny Post’s first web tab (reading left to right) is “Local News”. What’s the last? About us.”

2   Top of the English pile pre-Qatar. I was talking about the Premier League which before the World Cup was topped by Arsenal (a situation which unfortunately still persists at the time of writing).

3   A feeling of respect and admiration; or, if an acronym, collectively describing two energetic places in WB (which are an A and a B). This would be either “awe” or “AWE”, as in Atomic Weapons Establishment (one in Aldermaston and one in Burghfield).

4   Which Nicola ‘s book involves a trip down memory lane, up a hill and to the gallows? Local nature writer Nicola Chester’s excellent On Gallows Down.

5   The first name of a local MP whose last name differs by one letter from that of a previous PM. David Johnston is the MP for Wantage: Bo-Jo has no “t” in his surname.

6   Which Lynne currently leads WBC? Lynne Doherty, one of the two ward members for Newbury Speen.

7   The proposed re-development of the Kennet Centre in Newbury. This will, if it gets the go-ahead, be called Eagle Quarter.

8  Between 5 July and 25 October there have been five Secretaries of State for…what? Education. One, Michelle Donelan, lasted only two days.

9   Pakistan lost to whom on 13/11 by five? England (138/5) beat Pakistan (137/8) in the final of the men’s T20 World Cup by five wickets on 13 November 2022.

10 Which double-Booker Hilary died in 2022? Hilary Mantel, who won the Booker prize twice, for Wolf Hall and Bringing up the Bodies.

11 Which Gary wears the chain in Newbury? Gary Norman is currently the town’s Mayor.

12 We’re on first-name terms with which cracker who died in 2022? Robbie Coltrane, who played the lead in the TV series Cracker in the 1990s.

13 This rangifer tarandus seasonally tends to be nasally rouged. A rangifer tarandus is better know as a reindeer, one of which, Rudolph by name, is reputed to have a red nose around Christmas-time.

14 Which organisation adopted ES-11/1 on 2/3 about which country (the same letter either way)? The United Nations adopted Resolution ES-11/1 on 2 March 2022 under the title Aggression against Ukraine.

15 HN to the W and N and SD to the S. Where in WB am I? This translates as “Hampstead Norreys to the west and north and Stanford Dingley to the south.” As a glance of a map showing local parishes will immediately reveal, to satisfy these conditions you’d have to be in Yattendon.

16 West Berkshire has 43 district councillors. The first names of no fewer than six of them start with the same letter – which is…? The letter J – WBC can (at least until 4 May 2023 when the elections take place) boast a Jeremy, a Joanne, a James and three Jeffs.

17 The last letter of the first name of the new tweeter-in-chief. As the new owner of Twitter is Elon Musk, the letter we’re looking for is N.

18 West Berkshire has 62 parishes. The names of no fewer than 10 of them start with the same letter – which is…? The letter B. Basildon, Beenham, Bucklebury, Boxford, Beech Hill – I could go on…

The first letters extracted from these answers are A A A C D D E E E M N R R U Y J N and B. Shake all these up and pull them out of the hat and random and you will eventually get DECEMBER AND JANUARY which is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, relevant to a Christmas and New Year quiz.

Many thanks to all of you who took part. Congratulations to Tim Sands of Hungerford whose entry was the first one out of the hat from the correct ones we received.

How to enter

Please email the phrase (not the 18 individual answers) to with the subject “PP 2022-23 Quiz” by midnight on Monday 23 January 2023.

Please be sure to add your name, where you live (the town or village name is fine) and your phone number (which we’ll only use if we need to contact you about this competition). Please also see the terms and conditions below.

Many thanks agin to all the organisations which provided the prizes.

Terms & conditions

• The winner will be selected at random from the correct or most correct entries received and notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date (see above). Acceptance must be confirmed by email within 48 hours of the notification or we will select another winner to whom this condition will also apply. The judge’s decision in all matters will be final.

• If you’re not already a subscriber to Penny Post, by entering this competition you’re agreeing to have your email address added to our newsletter circulation list. We do not pass on information to third parties and you can opt out at any time.

• Only one entry can be accepted from any one email address.

• The winner will be sent the vouchers or can arrange to collect these from us. Penny Post accepts no responsibility for any issues arising from their redemption.



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