Eight new West Berkshire Heritage Assets added in October 2022

The West Berkshire Heritage Forum Selection Panel held on 27 October 2022 at Thatcham Parish Hall has recommended eight further heritage assets for local listing to West Berkshire Council. They are:

  • White Lodge, Donnington. A former gate house to the Grade II* listed Donnington Grove and its Registered Park, built in the late 19th century to manage access from Donnington Village. Its traditional form and detailing are typical of estate lodges of the period. As a testament to the historical development of Donnington Grove Park it contributes materially to the Donnington Village Conservation Area.
  • Crabtree Community Centre, Faircross, Hermitage. The one remaining building from the American hospital built during World War II, virtually untouched in its external appearance. It is now a regular meeting point for local military families and other local groups. Very few of these social buildings constructed during World War II now remain.
  • 6 Northbrook Street, Newbury. Built in 1886, architect Walter Henry Bell (1860-1932). From the late 1890’s part of the Camp Hopson store; from the 1920’s extended to 12 Northbrook Street. Now the HSBC bank. Its double gables echo those of Nos 10-11 and together bookend Nos 8-9. The Camp Hopson buildings together contribute materially to the character of Northbrook Street and the social history of Newbury.
  • Wall-mounted post box, Welford. A particularly scarce model called “Second National Standard No 2”, introduced in 1859 and made in cast iron by Smith & Hawkes of Birmingham. 52 of these remained at the last survey
  • Flywheel Water Pump and Well House, East Ilsley. Still functioning, except in dry weather. Dated 1934, when an 80-foot borehole was sunk after a drought. Still maintained locally and an attractive feature in the historic village green.
  • A stile at Marlston, Bucklebury.
  • Well Head Structure, Bunces Lane, Burghfield Common. Dated 1902 and dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. Only the stump of the water pump remains. Maintained in good condition as a local feature.
  • Water Pump, School Lane, Burghfield Common. Manufactured by Joseph Evans of Reading and dated after 1911 and before 1936.

The Selection Panel is made up of independent heritage experts who are not members or officers of West Berkshire Council or members of the Heritage Forum Committee. The Panel members present were Duncan Coe, Keri Dearmer, Hettie Dix, Tony Higgott, and Dr Peter Wardle. Each recommendation was presented and debated in detail. The decisions were unanimous, except for one which was subject to one abstention.

The final decision on each recommendation will be taken by the West Berkshire Council Head of Planning. Details of those which are approved will be recorded in the West Berkshire Historic Environment Record.

Local listing under the National Planning Policy Framework identifies a building or other heritage asset, not listed by English Heritage, to be of exceptional local significance and value. It is material consideration for any relevant planning application, but unlike a nationally listed structure, listed building consent will not be required and a planning application will be considered in the usual way.

The West Berkshire Heritage Forum is a formally constituted voluntary association of West Berkshire heritage societies and Parish Councils, which operates with the support and involvement of West Berkshire Council.

39 West Berkshire heritage assets have already been locally listed under the process for local listing, which was approved by West Berkshire Council in 2012. Details can be found here. More information about the selection process can be found here

“These recommendations for local listing include an attractive diversity of asset, and illustrate the depth of West Berkshire heritage, ” Anthony Pick, Chairman of the Heritage Forum said. “The Heritage Forum is very grateful to the proposers of the assets and to the Panel members for their consideration and judgement. The Heritage Forum welcomes suggestions from parish councils, heritage societies, and the public in West Berkshire for heritage assets, not listed by English Heritage, which are candidates for local listing. Suggestions should be forwarded to the Forum Secretary.”


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