Apple and Rosehip Jelly

Rosehips are found everywhere in hedgerows and on roadside verges in the autumn.  They have small hairy pips (which children traditionally make itching powder from) so they are best used in syrups and jellies where the juice can be strained after putting the rosehips in muslin. Rosehips are very high in vitamin C and were collected on a huge scale during the second world war to make syrup.

Thanks to author Charlotte Popescu in Boxford for sharing this recipe from her wonderful book Wild Food, Garden Food which has recipes for every month of the year using foraged or grown ingredients. (The book can be ordered from her Cavalier Paperbacks website).

There are still plenty of apples around so this seems like a great way of using them up to enjoy during winter months:



1.5kg (3lb) apples
675g (1½lb) rosehips
Granulated sugar


1. Chop up the apples without peeling or coring them and put into a large preserving pan with the rosehips.
2. Just cover with water and bring to the boil.
3. Simmer, crushing the rosehips against the sides of the pan to release the flesh until the apples are soft.
4. Strain the fruit through a muslin bag overnight. Don’t squeeze the dregs through the muslin as that will make the jelly cloudy.
5. Measure the liquid and for every pint or litre of liquid add a kilo or pound of sugar.
6. Over the heat allow the sugar to dissolve and then bring to a rapid boil.
7. Boil until setting point is reached – this may take up to 25 minutes.
8. Pour into warmed, sterilised jars and seal.


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