Speeding in the Lambourn Valley

Speeding is an issue throughout the area (and every other area) and it’s rare to find a minute of a parish council meeting which doesn’t mention this matter and the many attempts to solve it. In the upper Lambourn valley, there are two main problems. The first is the traffic along the bottom road that passes through the villages between Lambourn and East Shefford; the other is the generally heavier and faster traffic on the top road (the B4000) which is largely the result of the fact that this straight stretch of road links  the M4 and the Membury Industrial Estate. Both are proving very hard to solve: but that doesn’t mean that local councillors and organisations have given up trying…

• These issues in the parish of Lambourn have regularly featured in ward member Howard Woollaston’s in-tray: indeed, have cropped up in pretty much all of his monthly updates. In October 2022 he looks at the new traffic-calming measures in Eastbury (about which he is “disappointed”) and the latest in a long-running campaign to get traffic speeds reduced on the B4000.

• Volunteers are wanted to help deter speeding in Lambourn and Eastbury. Both villages are signing up for individual membership of the Thames Valley Community Speedwatch scheme, to try to tackle speeding in the area.  This is a national initiative where members of the local community can, with the support and supervision of Thames Valley Police, record details of speeding vehicles using approved detection devices. Registered keepers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit are contacted – initially with a letter explaining the potential risks and consequences of their dangerous behaviour.  Repeat offenders will receive a visit from the local police, irrespective of where they live. Beyond these friendly gestures, focused enforcement and criminal prosecution follow based on the collated evidence.

TVP Community Speedwatch has an online platform that allows group-related activities to be self-regulated via an online calendar.  Volunteers will receive online training, including vehicle make recognition training. Risk assessments are also completed by police to ensure safety at the roadside. If you are interested in joining please email Eastbury Community Speedwatch Group on villagewardens@eastbury.org or Lambourn Community Speedwatch Group on info@lambourn-pc.gov.uk. Click here to find out more information about Community Speedwatch.

• Great Shefford and East Garston also want to tackle this issue so please contact the parish councils (East Garston here and Great Shefford here) if you would like to help with Speedwatch or any other local initiatives that may from time to time be introduced.


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