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Smarten Up Hungerford planters Aug 2022

Smarten Up Hungerford volunteers work hard to keep the town looking smart and welcoming to all.  We try to involve local businesses, schoolchildren and other organisations working together to help smarten up our town. All our efforts are co-ordinated with Hungerford Town Council, Hungerford Chamber of Commerce and the Town and Manor of Hungerford and we are very grateful for the funding and assistance given.

We are responsible for the planting and maintenance of 18 large oak flower barrels and 6 planters:

  • 8 oak tubs in the High Street
  • 2 tubs on the A4 approach to Hungerford from the West
  • 2 tubs on the A4 approach to Hungerford from the East
  • 2 tubs just East of the Texaco/Co-op garage
  • 4 tubs at Hungerford Railway station
  • 6 planters on the pedestrian bridge over the canal

These are changed twice a year to show the best of the spring/summer and autumn winter flowers. Other activities include litter picking either as a group or individually.

Click here for more details of what SUH has achieved over the years.

January 2023 News

We have a new logo and colours and a new banner up over the large planter opposite the Co-Op garage.

We had a very successful litter pick along Charnham Park – thanks to the wonderful volunteers who gave up their Sunday afternoon. 

How to get involved with  Smarten Up Hungerford

Smarten Up Hungerford is a very friendly social group and we meet lots of lovely locals and visitors who are always very complimentary about our work.

We are very keen to welcome more volunteers and if you would like to join our group or sponsor any of the plant displays or make a financial contribution however small, please contact Nicola Wood on 07827 911935 or Or please join our facebook group here.


Photo credit: Forbes Stephenson


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