Penny Post’s 750th Newsletter Prize Quiz, with a superb prize from The Crown & Anchor in Ham – the answers

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To celebrate our 750th weekly Penny Post newsletter on Thursday 8 September 2022 we’ve created a special prize quiz for our readers.

The prize

Huge thanks to Ben Milroy of The Crown & Anchor in Ham for this generous prize:

A meal for two, a bottle of house wine, bed and breakfast at The Crown & Anchor in Ham.

The quiz

You’ll find below 20 questions. If a date of the month is mentioned in the question (there are three of these) then these relate to September 2017, when the 500th weekly Penny Post newsletter was published. The other questions are about events so far this year, the local area or The Crown & Anchor (you may need to visit the pub’s website to answer these).

When you’ve answered the questions, take the first letter of each answer and re-arrange these to form a phrase which is relevant to the prize. To give you a bit of help, the questions are ordered below in reverse alphabetical order by their answers: so, if the answer to one of them is “aasvogel’”(which it isn’t), that question would be at the bottom. Three of these initial letters, by the way, appear three times and three others appear twice.

The questions

On your marks; get set; and off you go…

  1. Which Becker pegged out on the 3rd (as any major dude will tell you) and won’t do it again? Walter Becker of Steely Dan died on this day in 2017. Any Major Dude Will Tell You, Peg and Do it Again were just threee of the many exquisite songs he wrote with Donald Fagen.
  2. Who was KO-ed between Braverman and Badenoch (either name will do)? This wasn’t a boxing match (if it were, it would have been a good deal shorter) but the last-but-one Conservative party leadership contest that led to Liz Truss’ victory. Suella Braverman was eliminated on 14 July 2022 and Kemi Badenoch on 19 July. On 18 July, between these two, Tom Tugendhat failed to cross the hurdle. 
  3. Will v Chris: who was hit? The actor Will Smith gave presenter Chris Rock a punch in the face at the Oscar’s ceremony after Rock had made a quip about Smith’s wife.
  4. The blue-and-white hooped royals from a bit to the east of here. Reading FC wear blue-and-white hooped shirts as their home kit and “the Totals” is their nickname.
  5. The shape the Invincibles are in. The Oval Invincibles is one of the franchises in the women’s and men’s Hundred cricket competitions.
  6. The major variant, as of early September 2022. The Covid variant Omicron (it still is the major one, I think).
  7. We’re on first-name terms with a sporty Serb deported from Australia in January. This is the vaccine-dodging Novak Djokovic who got into a muddle with the Australian immigration department after turning up for the 2020 Australian Open without his certificates.
  8. In what state was Salman attacked in August 2022. Salman Rushdie was seriously attacked in Chautauqua in New York State while giving a lecture.
  9. The nearest town with two railway stations. Newbury and Newbury Racecourse are Newbury’s two stations: Newbury is the nearest such town to Ham.
  10. Where can you get services between 14 and 15? At Membury, between these two junctions on the M4.
  11. Go north from The Crown & Anchor: what’s the first town you’ll come to? Hungerford.
  12. Which playboy hopped off on the 27th (either name will do)? Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, the logo of which was a rabbit.
  13. Local village that goes well with eggs. Ham.
  14. What was at about £1,100 in mid-2021 and is forecast to be over £5,300 by January 2023? The energy price cap. We’ve all heard enough about that recently: so, moving on…
  15. What kind of game is The Crown & Anchor playing? Crown and Anchor is a traditional dice game.
  16. High point where George and Dorothy met their end.  Coombe Gibbet (264 metres above sea level) was where George Brougham and Dorothy Newman were hanged for murder in 1676.
  17. Which Kelly netted after 110 minutes? Chole Kelly score the winning goal for England against Germany in the Women’s Euros Final on 31 July 2022.
  18. Which Jane became a polymer tenner on the 14th? Jane Austen has been featured on £10 notes since 2013, which on this date in 2017 changed from being paper to polymer.
  19. What kind of 100 Acre product is available in every room? All the rooms at the Crown & Anchor are supplied with 100 Acre Apothecary products.
  20. According to the website gallery, the prize is 12 miles from Newbury and where else? Andover.

The pink letters give us WTSROONNNMHHHEDCCAAA. What on earth can we do with that? “Charwomen Snatch Honda” might be a newspaper headline and a “Homewards Hatch Cannon” a domestic security device but these weren’t the answers we were looking for. Nor are either relevant to the prize. I think you’ll agree, however, that The Crown and Anchor, Ham is. 

Congratulations to our winner, Simon Smith from Kintbury. Congratulations also to all of you who entered and got the answer right – better luck next time. A new prize Penny Post quiz will be being launched later this month so this could be your turn…

How to enter

Please email the phrase (not the 20 individual answers) to with the subject “PP 2022 Crown & Anchor quiz” by midnight on Monday 31 October 2022.

Please be sure to add your name, where you live (the town or village name is fine) and your phone number (which we’ll only use if we need to contact you about this competition). Please also see the terms and conditions below.

Many thanks again to Ben Milroy of The Crown & Anchor in Ham for donating this wonderful prize.

Terms & conditions

• The winner will be selected at random from the correct or most correct entries received and notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date (see above). Acceptance must be confirmed by email within 48 hours of the notification or we will select another winner to whom this condition will also apply. The judge’s decision in all matters will be final.

• If you’re not already a subscriber to Penny Post, by entering this competition you’re agreeing to have your email address added to our newsletter circulation list. We do not pass on information to third parties and you can opt out at any time.

• Only one entry can be accepted from any one email address.

• The winner will be put in touch with The Crown & Anchor directly to make the arrangements for redeeming the prize. For this purpose it will be necessary to provide the Crown & Anchor with the winner’s email address.


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