Leftover Chicken & Veg Soup Recipe by Ruth from Priscilla’s Kitchen

Ruth's leftovers chicken soup

Ruth Jordan from Priscilla’s Kitchen in East Garston shares an easy way use up leftover Sunday roast chicken in this cost-effective recipe.

After you have finished your lunch you can pull off the remaining meat off the chicken carcas (easiest to do when warm) and put it in the fridgeto use in sandwiches, salads, pies or stir fries within three days. But there will still be little bits of meat left and the bones themselves create a tasty stock that forms the basis of satisfying soup.


  • leftover chicken carcass
  • 1.5 litre water
  • one onion, roughly chopped
  • any leftover veg from roast
  • any fresh veg in fridge (in top photo, spring greens, carrots and spring onions)
  • one rasher of bacon (optional), sliced
  • seasoning


  1. Place chicken including bones into the water with the onion, bring to a rolling boil for three to five mins then turn the heat to a very gentle simmer.
  2. After about 30mins  to an hour a stock will have been made and can be seasoned, strained and frozen at this stage.
  3. To give it more body and flavour, add the veg you wish to use, finely chopped. This will allow it to cook more quickly and be easier to eat from a spoon!
  4. Add the bacon slices, if using, and simmer for a further 10 mins.
  5. This makes a tasty broth but if you want a thicker soup, a quick blitz will do the trick.

This can now be portioned up and popped into the freezer ready to be taken out when needed and either heated on the hob or microwave until piping hot.

In all, including the cooking, this dish cost about 50p per portion – an affordable and tasty lunch option.

Note: bouillion powder and an egg can be added for extra richness. Crack the egg into a cup, stir it thoroughly with a fork then pour into the saucepan and keep stirring so it mixes in well and you don’t get visible strands of cooked egg.


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