Open meeting for Lambourn residents with Thames Valley Police – August 2022

On Thursday 3 August, Lambourn Parish Council convened an open meeting for residents with the Community Police Constable. The issues that came to light were as follows:

Warrants had been issued for drug dealing in St. Agnes Terrace.

It was confirmed that CCTV was used regularly in the area.

The priority for patrols in Lambourn were named as The Old Cricket Field, The Square and Mill Lane.

Maximum time for a blue light to Lambourn was cited as 20 mins

Police welcomed the creation of Lambourn Youth Group which they felt would reduce anti-social behaviour. Officers remarked that 7/10 times officers had taken kids back home to speak to parents when there was a complaint, but that they were found to be at work. With long commutes for many parents out of the village, kids it seems were often, through mistrust, not allowed to have house keys, resulting in these kids hanging around and getting into mischief in the village.

Late night license to 2am should be given to pubs only if there is a patrol available.

There had been two 999 calls in the village for knives and bottles, with gangs running through the village, something that was both frightening for residents and dangerous for those in the environ.

Pavement parking in Bockhampton Road and around Lambourn can only be penalised when a complainant is there to point out the problem, for example wheelchairs or pushchairs having to go onto the road because of a car parking on the pavement.

Recent digital outage investigations are ongoing and there is no further information at this time.

The loudest message from the police was to report everything as if it is not reported, they can’t respond. The more reports, the bigger the priority is given to Lambourn and the issues. Online reporting is essential because these complaints go into an inbox that all the team look at.


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