Hungerford Town Council’s Grant Awards 2022

Hungerford Town Council (HTC) operates an annual scheme whereby grants are awarded to local organisations offering services to Hungerford residents. The 2022 awards ceremony took place on Saturday 3 September at the Croft Hall Field.

“The annual Grants Awards is one of my favourite civic events,” Hungerford’s Mayor Helen Simpson said. “So many of these local organisations and charities offer invaluable support to the residents of Hungerford and meeting with the deserving groups to recognise what they accomplish is incredibly humbling. On behalf of all the Councillors, we cannot thank them enough for all the work and time that they give up for the benefit of the community”.

Please see below a list of the organisations which have benefitted from this round of funding (over £21,000 in all) and a brief summary of what the grant will be used for. For more information on HTC’s grants, please see this section of HTC’s website or contact the Town Clerk, Claire Barnes, on

For more information

If you want to find out more information about these organisations, links have been provided in each case. All would welcome some combination of new members, volunteers, further funding and attendance at any events.

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The five-digit number after the name of many of the organisations listed below is the project’s reference number on The Good Exchange website. Many of these funding appeals may still be active: in no case will the grant from Hungerford Town Council cover all the funding that it requires. For information and to donate, please click here to visit the “browse projects” section of The Good Exchange’s website and then enter the five-digit number in the “keywords” box.

The photo at the top of the post is currently of the 2021 event: this will be replaced by one of the 2022 event once it has happened.

The recipients

1st Hungerford Scout Group£168

1st Hungerford Scout Group is a voluntary run group for young people in the town. The group meets in the scout hut which is in the Croft, Hungerford. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will fund the cost of minibus hire for the Scouts to attend the Royal Air Tattoo show to secure their aviation badges.
• for more information, click here.

Arts for Hungerford (19240) – £800

Arts for Hungerford brings regular and diverse arts events to the community including recently released major titles and foreign-language films. Arts for Hungerford also continues its commitment to enable young people to get involved in the arts, for example by holding concerts for classical and contemporary young musicians. The Children’s Arts Festival returned to Hungerford in June this year and the grant from Hungerford Town Council helped make this possible.
• for more information, click here.

Ben East£300

Ben is 18 years old and a member of Team Kennet Athletic club, based in Greenham. He holds the under-15 UK Javelin record, being the first person in the UK ever to throw over 70m at that age. Since then, he has won numerous competitions and events and continues to train hard, whilst also studying for 4 A-levels at Park House School. He has also achieved a Diploma in Sport Science from Loughborough College through the Youth Talent Programme, run by UK Athletics. However, Ben – like many athletes – has had two unsettled years due to Covid and the challenges and restrictions the pandemic has brought. The funding from Hungerford Town Council will go towards Ben’s ongoing costs for travelling to sports events, equipment and training.
• for more information, click here.

CHAIN (19547) – £1,500

Chain provides transport for the elderly, sick and infirm in Hungerford and surrounding areas to enable them to visit places such as day centres, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Occasional trips of a vocational nature are also made together with weekly Handybus transport to a hydro-therapy centre. Their drivers also run the local Handybus which owns a Gowrings modified Vauxhall Combo wheelchair vehicle. Chain publishes and distributes 2,900 free copies of the CHAIN Mail magazine every quarter (which is self-financing). Hungerford Town Council’s grant award is to help cover the cost of running both vehicles (bus and wheelchair vehicle) and the running costs of the office which is staffed by volunteers.
For more information, click here.

Citizens Advice West Berkshire Hungerford Outreach (19584) – £750

Citizens Advice West Berkshire provides information and advice to help people in West Berkshire to achieve positive outcomes in dealing with the problems that they face, including gaining access to welfare benefits, managing debt, helping them to stay in their homes and resolving problems with employers. Hungerford Town Council’s grant award will be used to support the outreach service for residents of Hungerford, both through appointments in the Hungerford Library if required and on the phone. This enables people who live in Hungerford and cannot come into Newbury to be able to access face-to-face advice and information.
For more information, click here.

Eight Bells for Mental Health (19421) – £250

Eight Bells is an independent member-led organisation that supports local people affected by mental-health issues a and runs a twice-weekly drop-in centre in Newbury. There are currently 207 members registered and on average 70 members attend the drop-in centre each week. The drop-in centre offers members a safe place to get advice, improve social skills, receive support and interact with other members, thus reducing their social isolation. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will go towards hiring venues to offer smaller drop-in sessions at four different locations across West Berkshire and will contribute to the cost of a worker to meet isolated people and help them re-engage with the community after lockdown.
• For more information, click here.

Great Western Hospital Brighter Futures Scanner Appeal (18751) – £500

Brighter Futures is the registered charity of Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It supports services at Great Western Hospital in Swindon and in community health sites across Wiltshire. It funds the purchase of equipment, support education for staff and improve the environment for patients, all of which are over and above the existing NHS budget. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will go towards its appeal to install a specialist CT scanner in the new Swindon Radiotherapy Centre when it opens in 2022. This will mean that local cancer patients do not have to face a long journey to Oxford for an initial scan and planning appointment prior to their radiotherapy treatment beginning in Swindon.
• For more information, click here.

Headway Thames Valley Brain Injury Neuro Rehabilitation Service (19472) – £250

Headway Thames Valley is raising funding to support its neuro-rehabilitation service for people with brain injuries. For the majority of the people the service works with, there is limited or no form of NHS neuro rehabilitation available where they live and they are faced with the prospect of no professional neuro rehabilitation, long waiting lists or paying significant amounts for this privately. There is only a limited NHS Community-based neuro-rehabilitation service in place covering a part of West Berkshire. The funding from Hungerford Town Council will help to make the support and rehabilitation service more accessible for those in the area, including on Hungerford.

Help Welcome Ukrainians to West Berkshire (Greenham Trust) (19509) – £500

This special appeal is to raise money to help support local charitable and voluntary organisations which will be called upon to answer the needs of Ukrainians arriving in West Berkshire having fled the war in Ukraine. This appeal has been set up to raise funds for to support a range of needs not covered by statutory funds. The funding from Hungerford Town Council will help support the charitable and voluntary groups in their work including those covering Hungerford.

Home-Start West Berkshire (19422) – £250

Across West Berkshire Home-Start volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in coping with isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability as well as those who are just finding parenting a struggle. They provide non-judgemental, practical and emotional support and help build the family’s confidence and ability to cope. Hungerford Town Council’s grant award will help towards Home-Start’s Preventing Family Poverty project.
• For more information, click here.

Hungerford Club (19641) £465

The Hungerford Club is a CASC-registered sports club with bowls, tennis and indoor sports facilities. It is open to applications from all sections of the community including juniors for the outdoor sports. The club offers an excellent bowling green, for all-weather tennis courts and two full size snooker tables. Management and maintenance of the facilities is undertaken by volunteers from within the membership whose aim is to provide first-class facilities for members to develop their game in a social setting with coaching available. Both competitive and social opportunities to play are available. Hungerford Town Council’s grant award will help towards the cost of purchasing new equipment including lightweight bowl collectors, scoreboards and bowl mats.
• For more information, click here.

Hungerford & Camburn Educational Foundation – £1,000

This charity is the only local charity giving financial help to students following further education. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help local students towards the cost of further education.
For more information, click here.

Hungerford Cricket Club (19536) – £1,000

Hungerford Cricket Club provides opportunities for all ages of players, from seniors to young people. Teams regularly play midweek and evenings and the thriving Junior section run teams which play in the Berkshire Youth League. They also have a busy All Stars Programme and a Dynamos Summer Club. Hungerford Town Council’s grant award will help improve the pathways outside the clubhouse, which will enhance disabled access and make it safer for all users. The club is also looking to buy some new junior equipment to better equip the numerous junior sections as well as refurbishing the existing sightscreens.
For more information, click here.

Hungerford Food Community (19386) – £500

The Hungerford Food Community provides year-round food, nutrition and cookery experiences in and around Hungerford. These include cookery lessons for pre-school, primary and secondary school students, vulnerable adults and anyone interested in budget recipes that are a also environmentally responsible and which minimise food waste. Hungerford Food Community will use the grant to help continue food education for the families of Hungerford and also to increase the support of local producers, businesses and the community.

HAHA Hungerford Fairfields Allotments  (19467) – £600

The Fairfield Allotment is managed by Hungerford Allotment Holders Association (HAHA), a community organisation run by volunteers. The site has a long history of community cultivation and is used by residents of Hungerford. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will enable the creation of an 11m by 1m pathway between the entrance to the allotment site and the current network of paths around the allotment plots. The absence of such a pathway has been identified as a safety hazard during a recent H&S inspection.

Hungerford Hub (19417) – £1,273.50

Hungerford Hub is a not-for-profit community asset supported by Hungerford Town Council, Hungerford Library and Community Trust and Friends of Hungerford Library (the Hub team) in order to ensure the continued provision of a library by West Berkshire Council. The library building is now used, outside of library hours, by people in Hungerford and the surrounding area for events, workshops, talks and exhibitions. There is also a space for local artists and craftspeople to exhibit and sell their work. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will go towards the Hub’s “Well Read Mind” project. The Hub has partnered with The Hungerford Bookshop to develop a season of literary talks and workshops focused on recovery, mental health and wellbeing. Some events will be held online and some in person in Hungerford Hub.
• For more information, click here.

Hungerford Nursery School: The Shoal of Friends – £500

The Shoal of Friends is committed to providing resources which will benefit the children of Hungerford and its surrounding area from birth to four years of age. It works to provide additional funds which will allow the Hungerford Nursery School and the Family Centre to continue to provide outstanding outcomes for children of all abilities. It enables the purchase of new equipment, books, and toys to optimise the learning experience provided by a top-class teaching establishment. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help towards funding a minibus to take children to Boxford Woods on a regular basis and allows children, especially the more vulnerable ones and those with additional needs, to spend quality and educational time in a woodland environment. Some of the money will also be used to upgrade the Nursery School’s nursery computer equipment.
For more information, click here.

Hungerford Rugby Football Club (19546) £1,000

Hungerford Town Football Club was established in 1984 and currently runs 19 teams ranging from under-fives to walking rugby. Hungerford Town Council’s grant award will help towards the cost of refurbishing the pitch side kitchen at the Triangle Field.
• for more information, click here.

Hungerford Summer Festival (19438) – £1,000

Hungerford Summer Festival (formerly HADCAF) takes place over a two- to three-week period in June and July each year to celebrate and encourage the talents, expertise and skills that abound within the community, in addition to bringing professional concerts and theatre to Hungerford. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will be used to help with running costs for this year’s festival consisting of events including arts and leisure-related attractions, music, theatre, exhibitions, workshops, talks and guided walks.
• for more information, click here.

Hungerford Town Band (19488) – £1,500

Hungerford Town Band is a local organisation that provides two bands (senior and training) for engagements in the local and surrounding areas. It has many young players and encourages people of any age to start playing or come back to playing after a break and provides free instruction. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help towards covering costs as the band were unable to raise any funds and were unable to perform or rehearse during the pandemic. The band is an asset to the town and the local community and the grant will allow it to continue to allow anyone of any age to continue to enjoy music.
• for more information, click here.

Hungerford Youth & Community Centre (19489) – £4,800

Hungerford Youth and Community Centre is run by an independent group of volunteers forming a management committee. The committee’s main remit is the management of Hungerford Youth and Community Centre building and outdoor facilities, as well as supporting youth and community services with a special emphasis on youth services. The centre was closed during the pandemic and the core business suffered. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help towards the basic running costs of keeping the centre open. These include staff wages, insurance and maintenance costs and utility bills.
For more information, click here.

John O’Gaunt PSA: Enhanced Career Guidance (19537) – £500

Many children in year 9, 10 and 11 do not know what they want to do beyond secondary education. In a normal non-Covid period, pupils will normally would have taken part in mock job interviews, done work experience and taken part in the school’s jobs fayre. The pandemic has, however, largely prevented this. The funding from Hungerford Town Council the school will be able to provide Morrisby Testing (online Psychometric Testing for years 10 and 11 to help identify routes available and personalised support for each of the students for 2022/23.
For more information, click here.

Kennet Community Radio (19166) – £100

Kennet Community Radio is community-run radio station started broadcasting online in September 2012 and received an FM licence in 2106. It aspires to provide media training and experience to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and to support and promote other community-based organisations, charities and voluntary groups in the local community. The funding from Hungerford Town Council will help Kennet Radio purchase and install a transmitter and aerial to extend its service Hungerford and the surrounding communities. It will also enable Kennet Radio to be “The Local Sound of West Berkshire”, not just of Newbury and Thatcham.
• for more information, click here.

Messy Stories (19651) – £100

Messy Stories is a Corn Exchange learning and participation project for vulnerable families in rural locations in West Berkshire which introduces young children (aged one to three years) to popular stories so they can develop their literacy skills whilst supporting their broader development through messy play. They work in partnership with West Berkshire Council’s Central Family Hub. The sessions are provided by a professional arts practitioner from the Corn Exchange and the classes are free to participants. As there is a gap in provision of these services in rural communities and many families aren’t able to travel to Newbury, the grant from Hungerford Town Council will go towards taking Messy Stories directly to places such as Hungerford.
• for more information, click here.

Parkinson’s UK, Newbury and District Branch (19505) – £100

Parkinson’s UK is a Parkinson’s research and support charity which influences and funds ground-breaking research to advance understanding of Parkinson’s and improve treatments. It provides expert information and support to help sufferers manage the condition and offers to people with Parkinson’s (and their families and carers) full support and opportunities to live life to the full. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help towards the cost of providing chair-based exercises to people in Hungerford. These are available to anyone suffering from Parkinson’s in the West Berkshire area: members who attend find they help with movement as well as giving members a chance to meet up socially.
• For more information, click here.

Recovery in Mind (19373) – £250

Recovery in Mind provides free courses to support the mental-health recovery of adults living in West Berkshire aged 18 and over who have a wide variety of mental health challenges. It offers a three-step approach to improving mental health and now offers over 15 courses. Based in central Newbury, last year it worked with 148 local people making a significant impact on their mental health. All those who attended the courses reported feeling “better” or “much better” as a result. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help towards the cost of staff salaries, insurance, office rental and marketing.
• for more information, click here.

Swings & Smiles (19281) – £200

Swings & Smiles’ mission is to support children and young people with special needs, and their families, to be happy, have fun and feel included. It want to be able to offer its services to as many people as possible. Currently it has over 680 registered families with Swings & Smiles and its dedicated team work closely with them to provide the support they need, when they need it. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help to recruit a Play Leader to support the children with disabilities and their families.
• for more information, click here.

Time to Talk West Berkshire (19522) – £250

The organisation provides a free counselling service for young people aged 11-25 in West Berkshire, helping them deal with their specific challenges in a sustainable way. It is the only organisation in the district offering counselling that is free at the point of delivery to those under 18 (which over 80% of its clients are). Since the pandemic – which saw an increase in referrals and demand to the waiting list – more young people are struggling to cope with anxiety and depression. Funding from Hungerford Town Council will help the team to manage the waitlist and ensure that any further increase is dealt with in a timely manner. In addition, Time to Talk has launched flexible online counselling sessions to offer an increased number of sessions each week in order to try to bring the waitlist down.
• For more information, click here.

Tuesday Burchett Club (19426) – £500

The club was formed as a communal meeting place for less mobile people living in Hungerford and its surrounding areas and is run by a committee of 14. A warm and friendly club with a membership of around 120, the Tuesday Burchett Club gives relief and support to those for whom growing older has coincided with varying degrees of disability. Day and half-day trips take place throughout the year. Short-break holidays and well-supported mystery weekends have recently been added to the itinerary. Hungerford Town Council’s grant will help towards the providing a holiday for the members with limited walking who either use wheelchairs, walking frames or sticks so that they can chose hotels with lifts and ramps who can accommodate their needs.
• for more information, click here.

Young People & Children First (19346) – £250

This charity was set up in 2008 to support care leavers 16-25 and homeless young people in West Berkshire. It provides places to live and the guidance and support these disadvantaged young people need to bridge the critical gap between foster care  and independent living. The houses are comfortable, safe and homely with space for up to seven young people. Live-in house supervisors and support workers provide practical and emotional support and individual tailored support plans for each of the residents. Over the last 10 years the charity has helped to transform the lives of 28 young people. Hungerford Town Council’s grant award will help towards the cost of supporting the mental health of the charity’s staff through clinical supervision to help manage the personal and professional demands created by the nature of the work.
For more information, click here.



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