Graham Jones celebrates 30 years at Lambourn Pharmacy

Graham Jones Lambourn pharmacy

2022 is a landmark year for Graham Jones, who is celebrating 30 years of running Lambourn Pharmacy.

Born in Liverpool and brought up in Sheffield, northerner Graham migrated south after completing his pharmacy degree in the city of his birth. Mastering his trade with Boots and various independent chemists, little did the fresh-faced bridegroom know how he would carve out a profile in the chalk downs of West Berkshire, as recognisable and as engrained as the Uffington White Horse.

Graham, and wife Julie, made the big step to buy their own business in 1992, at a time when Black Wednesday and interest rates of 15% reflect current economic uncertainties. Completion on their purchase competed daily with the birth of their first child Alistair, who thankfully was accommodating enough to wait until the sale went through, before putting in an appearance. 

Unfamiliar as the city boy was with rural settings, the love affair with the countryside burgeoned quickly. Graham relished the role that a village pharmacy could play in the community, loved the opportunity to exercise on his beloved bike in such exquisite surroundings, and fulfilled his interest in politics by joining, and eventually leading, West Berkshire Council. 

Now the father of three is certainly as recognised by villagers as he is by his children, especially after the past three years of negotiating a pandemic like Covid-19. Graham describes this period as, “ the toughest and most rewarding three years of my working life”, continuing to explain that, “whilst there was unrelenting pressure for all of us at the pharmacy, the positive community feedback was uplifting and nourishing beyond all expectations”.

In fact, the changes that were made to primary and secondary NHS care during the pandemic out of necessity, mean that Lambourn Pharmacy will continue to offer services which complement the doctor’s surgery and embed it even more profoundly in the community.

Graham expressed enthusiasm for the pharmacy’s role in the vaccine roll out and expects many more services, like blood-pressure monitoring, to be offered in the near future. As a member of a European pharmacists forum, Graham is always keen to explore the cutting edge of the chemist’s role in the NHS, and his own professional development, whether that is medicine built around genome testing or the advances in tele-medicine.

The Lambourn Pharmacy is also a member of Alphega, a group of independent chemist shops, who will be joining the digital medical revolution by launching a free app in the autumn. This will provide easier access to products, advice, ordering prescriptions and even give drug taking reminders. Graham, it is clear, has his heart set on offering even more services to the community.

There is no doubt that this northerner has made his mark on Lambourn and its residents in the past thirty years, and hopefully it will continue to enchant him for many years to come. 

Thank you Graham for your long and distinguished service.


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