10 ways to keep your kids hydrated in hot weather

Keeping your kids hydrated in the heat is hard especially when they want to get outside and enjoy the hot weather. But the greater the heat and the more active they are, the more important it is to keep them hydrated so they don’t start to feel sick or get a headache from heat exhaustion.

Here are some easy tips for the summer:

1) Don’t just give them plain water: this is because they will be less inclined to drink it or will drink less. An alternative to this is to give them squash of fruit juice so that they consume more liquid.

2) Choose foods with high liquid content: people get a quarter of their water through foods such as porridge, soup, yoghurt and cheese and most fruit and veg. So choose some of these foods when planning what to eat on a hot day.

3) Give them water rich fruit and veg: these include cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes and strawberries. These food contain plenty of water in addition to many nutrients such as vitamin C.

4) Make smoothies: this is another healthy and tasty option to keeping your children hydrated. The best thing about smoothies are that they are a nutrient packed treat with so many different options for flavours. You can buy them from shops or easily make them yourself from almost anything. Here are some simple recipes to get you started.

5) Give them ice lollies: you may be worried that this is an unhealthy option but in reality it’s no more so than juice especially if you make your own by pouring fruit juice into a lolly mould which you can find in most supermarkets or online. Here is are some easy examples to make.

6) Give them jelly: this is a not so well known but actually around 70% of jelly is water, making a perfect summer-day snack to keep hydrated. It can be bought ready-made from shops or you can make your own as an easy-to-do, fun activity for your kids. You can also add fruit into the mix for additional nutrients. The instructions will be on the back of the packaging but click here for the method.


7) Stay inside when it is too hot: this one seems very obvious but remains one of the easiest ways of staying hydrated. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside all day but try and keep that balance and when outside try and stay in the shade as well as trying to keep activity as a minimal.

8) Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink: also stating the obvious but there is a reason behind it. By the time that you are thirsty you are already slightly dehydrated so make sure that you are drinking throughout the day as well as making sure that your kids are too especially if they are active.

9) Limit your kids’ salt intake: it is a well known fact that salt makes you thirsty. This is because salt dehydrates the cells in your body, causing you to become dehydrated quicker. Therefore, try and reduce the amount of salty foods you feed your kids such as crisps, olives and salted nuts.

10) Try to avoid fizzy drinks: some soft drinks contain caffeine and tons of sugar and sodium. They don’t end up dehydrating you but they aren’t as effective at hydrating you as water or juice so only give them to your kids as a treat, especially on hot days.



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