Would you like to help set up West Berkshire Draught Busters to help residents save energy and money?

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As we all know, home heating costs have rocketed over the last year, and there is likely to be a further increase this winter. This situation will push many people across West Berkshire into fuel poverty and very real hardship. One of the biggest causes of fuel poverty is draughty and poorly insulated homes: these waste lots of householders’ money as well as unnecessarily contributing to global warming.

Fortunately, both draughts and poor insulation can be fixed quite easily.  To make this happen locally I would like to form a voluntary group, provisionally named West Berkshire Draughtbusters based on the model of Reading Draughtbusters.  Tony Cowley from Reading Draughttbusters, who recently gave a talk about draughtproofing organised by Hungerford Environmental Action Team, is happy to support the set up of new group and provide training where required.

The aims of this group would be to find and fix draughts in homes occupied by elderly and vulnerable residents, and also to raise awareness so that many more people are equipped to improve their own houses.

How you can help

Are you interested in energy saving and the environment, and would you be keen to make a difference across the community?  We need both a core team who can set up the organisation, arrange training, publicity and work with other bodies; and also practical people who are willing to give some time to find and fix problems in homes.

If you are able to help, please contact me Cllr Steve Ardagh-Walter via email steve.ardagh-walter@westberks.gov.uk and indicate whether you would like to be involved in the core group, as an individual problem fixer, or both.

Steve Ardagh-Walter
Executive Portfolio: Environment and Transformation
West Berkshire Council


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