Trindledown Animal Welfare Trust is excited to re-open after two years – with a new on-site Goodies Café

Trindledown staff puppies

For the last two years, Trindledown Farm – the Berkshire branch of the National Animal Welfare Trust just outside Great Shefford – has been closed due to covid and recruitment issues. At their centre they help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs and cats as well as providing a safe haven for alpacas, guinea pigs, sheep, pigs, rabbits and more.

Now, families and customers can rejoice, as the centre is back open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 3pm to visit the farm, see all the animals, take a guided tour – a brand new café.

“It’s been a long two years with the pandemic, but we couldn’t be more pleased to be open to the public again,” says Centre Manager, Tracy Waldron. “Whilst we’ve been shut, and with recruitment issues we worked hard to continue the best care possible for our animals despite having very limited income. We are super proud of all the hard work it has taken for us to get here and all the animals and people we have continued to help behind the scenes. We cannot wait to see everyone again, old, and new visitors alike and hope to start raising money again to try and recoup our losses over the last two years.”

In addition, the onsite café has been taken over by Goodies Café, a popular coffee shop from Lambourn.

Known for their marvellous cakes and luxurious treats, the café is popular amongst locals from Lambourn. The opening of this second café is not only a massive step for the local business, but beneficial for both Goodies and Trindledown Farm.

A unique partnership opportunity, Goodies Café will help provide a catering service in the idyllic surroundings of Trindledown Farm. With a vibrant village community and visitors coming from across the country, Goodies Café is set to become a lively hub of community spirit and enjoyment for all, whilst working to the values of the charity. All are welcome and the staff always have time for a chat with you so don’t be afraid to go along alone.

The café has indoor and outdoor seating and serves a variety of food, from hot and cold lunches to sweet treats and cakes. Visitors will also be delighted to see the coffee shop has a lucrative bonus option of their all-day breakfast menu.

“We are super excited and proud to be opening a second branch and look forward to meeting all the new customers who pass through the centre,” says Danielle, Goodies café owner. “We’re excited to be working with Trindledown, helping to support their centre and their animals and we can’t wait for their first public event and all the future family fun days to come.”

Weekends are particularly busy, when families visit the farm, and they look forward to the return of their fundraising events for all to enjoy. The onsite charity shops are also packed full of amazing treasures, which are often replenished and rotated and there are an amazing variety of animals for everyone to enjoy. You can even buy animal feed from Reception and head over to feed the sheep and alpacas. The café then provides a delightful spot and a friendly place for visitors to sit down and watch behind the scenes of an active rescue centre.

Shelves just past the café are also filled with delectable treats, promoting local artisans and businesses such as Orcadian Fudge, Well Preserved and Hillside Honey.

A hive of activity, Trindledown Farm is well worth a visit, not only to see all the amazing work they do for the animals on site but also to stop in and try a delicious treat from the new café.

Please visit for directions to Trindledown and informations about animals looking for forever homes.


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