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Thatcher's Yard Church Street Kintbury RG17 9TR

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Angela Quiroga


Welcome to our Spanish Learning Club, exclusively dedicated to support you in learning Spanish. You can find us in the beautiful village of Kintbury which is a short drive away from Newbury and Hungerford.

Learning Spanish is a fun way of opening lots of new and exciting opportunities in your life; enriching your traveling experience, discovering a different culture, and challenging your mind!

Everything our dedicated, Spanish-native teachers do is geared towards supporting your learning process and enhancing your experience of the Spanish language in interesting and fun ways in and outside the classroom.

Whatever your current level of Spanish, you will be able to experience the language firsthand by joining our small, friendly community. Please visit our website for upcoming class dates.


"Anyone can teach. What sets Angela apart is a unique quality that she both understands and takes an interest in her students. She knows that I am not a good student; don’t do my homework nor study at home. So instead of trying to make me adapt to her curriculum she has adapted my Spanish lessons to address my failings, finding different, inventive and fun ways to teach me and keep me interested. Much appreciated."
Joe Goodman

"Great classes with friendly atmosphere, always willing to help, constantly researching to make the sessions enjoyable and fun, sharing various resources, not to mention native speaker!"
Mariusz Brzozka


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