Make a Comfort Doll for Children in Need

comfort doll for Ukrainian refugee children

Here is a knitting pattern for comfort dolls which can be adapted for girls or boys wearing trousers (you can download it here to print off). See below for a variation on the pattern for girls wearing skirts. In both cases, you basically knit a rectangle, sew it into a tube, stuff it with filling and shape it. For crochet instructions see this youtube video.

If you would like to make dolls please contact Penny on to arrange collection.

If you would like to request a doll to be sent to a child please also email Some dolls will also go to BBC Radio Berkshire to be sent to refugee children in Ukraine who have lost everything of their own. 

Izzy Doll Pattern

Small quantities of different coloured wool
One pair of knitting needles – size appropriate for wool
Tapestry needle
Toy filling

To Begin:
The basic method for making each doll is the same. Begin at the feet and knit a rectangle, changing yarn colour for each body segment. The head is stuffed and the neck formed by pulling in with a gathering thread.

When the body is stuffed, the feet are formed by pulling with a gathering thread. The arms and legs are defined by stitching through all layers after the doll is stuffed. The number of rows in each part of the doil can be increased or decreased depending on the individual design. Finished height «f each doll is approximately13 cm (5 inches).

To make:
Work in stocking stitch throughout.
Cast on 32 sts. in brown or black (or any colour really) for shoes
Work 4 rows for feet.
Change yarn. Work 2 rows for socks (if you want).
Change yarn. Work 10/12 rows (plus 2 if you don’t do socks) for trousers
Change yarn. Work 12/14 rows for sweater.
Change yarn. Work 8 rows for face.

Change yarn. Work 11 rows for hat/hair as follows:
Rows I-4: Work evenly in stocking stitch.
Row5: K3, K2tog, (K4, K2 tog) x 4, K3. (27 sts)
Row 6 and all even rows: Purl.
Row 7: (K3, K2 tog) x5, K2. (22 sts)
Row 9: (K2, K2 tog) x5, K5 (17 sts)
Row II: K1 (K2 tog) x 8. (9 sts)

Cut wool about 10 inches from the knitting. Thread wool into a sewing needle and pass needle through remaining stitches. Slide off the knitting needle, pull up, and fasten.

To finish:
1.Sew sides together to form a center back seam.

Stuff head. Weave a single strand of matching yarn across the first face row.

Draw up to form neck and secure ends. Do the same at waist, if desired.

Repeat for body, drawing in at the ankles. Stuff feet and sew up bottom, pulling in as much as possible.

With matching yarn, form arms with tiny stitches through all layers from waist to below the neckline. And form legs with stitches from ankles to a few rows below waistline.

Embroider facial features as desired.

Variations: This is the fun part! Make any changes you wish to the pattern.

You may knit stripes on the sweater or hat, or knit hair by using garter stitch in black or brown yarn, plain, fuzzy or boucle. You might add a belt, or suspenders, or add embroidery to the skirt, bows in the hair, or add a scarf.

Have fun experimenting – wherever your imagination leads.

To make cap brim: RI -K, R2-K, R3- P, R4-K, R5-K, R6-P then begin decrease.

Right click on the images below to download a similar version of the pattern to your computer if you want to print them off.


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