A Sporty Celebration for the Jubilee at John O’Gaunt School

John o'Gaunt School Jubilee Tug of War Hungerford

Jubilee celebrations at John O’Gaunt School took on a spirited, suitably vintage feel that included everyone, in an inspired idea from the inventive Student Leadership Group.

A whole school picnic on the wide, tree-lined playing field, was followed by a ‘Traditional Sports Day’. Both staff and students competed against each other in events including skipping, 3-legged, sack, and egg-and-spoon races – and were hotly contested, with early leaders ending up on the floor and steadier contestants winning.

But the real and much anticipated competition came with the staff v’s students’ Tug O’War! Much fun was had, and there was plenty of sporting camaraderie, encouragement & laughter.

Organisers Mr McKevitt and Ms Arden-Hunt were declared the ‘absolute legends’ that they are – especially when the ice-lollies (provided by the PSA) came out.

Good sports all, and an afternoon to remember!

John o'Gaunt School Jubilee Race
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