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We are ordinary Czech and Polish people who have set up a volunteer group to support Ukrainian refugees since 2 March 2022. One of our group organisers is Jan Kubaty from Czech Republic. Our connection with West Berkshire is via Jan’s old friend Eliska Vyskocova who has lived in Lambourn for 7 years. They met at Aberdeen University 20 years ago where Jan also made friends with Volodymir Mandrika from Ukraine. As soon as the war started, Jan asked Volodymir how they could help. (Jan and Eliska recently talked to Penny on 4LEGS Radio – listen here).

What are we doing to help Ukrainian refugees?

At the beginning of the war we worked 24/7 at the Polish/Ukraine border crossing at Kroscienko/Smylnica serving hot food, tea and coffee in a heated tent where people could warm-up after freezing for as long as 36 hours in queues to flee the country. Mostly mother with kids and grandparents. You can see pictures on our facebook page here

As the borders are more organised now and there are no longer queues for those wanting to leave the country, we are now based in the city of Staryi Sambir in western Ukraine supporting refugees who left their homes in the east of Ukraine but want to stay in their country.

Over 7 million refugees are staying in refugee centres in western Ukraine and we are currently supporting around 1,500 mothers with children in Staryi Sambir and one refugee centre in the city of Hiriv.

We are also delivering humanitarian aid, mostly food, hygiene and medical supplies for hospitals, to the Zhytomyr district in central Ukraine and Kharkiv in the east. We rely on brave drivers with local knowledge to deliver the supplies on this dangerous journey across the country.

How can you help?

1.Please donate humanitarian aid via Eliska, for example tinned meat, rice pasta, instant soups, flour, tea, coffee, bags of small sweets for kids to share. The up-to-date list is always pinned on top of our Facebook page. Please contact Eliska on 07546 555064 or to arrange collection. Eliska has already arranged for food and medical supplies to be driven out in four trips to us by Simon Howe, Blake Morgan and Richard Curtis from Hungerford and Leuan Morgan from Bristol. For details please visit Simon’s facebook page.

2.Please make financial contributions to our new transparent charity bank account which displays all incoming and outgoing transactions. The account is in the name of Bohuslav Freisler, one of our volunteers from Czech Republic. We have set this up for our supporters who want to send us money to buy food and hygiene products wholesale in Lviv, saving on transport expense and supporting the local economy in Ukraine.

Charity Account Details:

Account Holder’s name: Bohuslav Freisler
Account Holder’s address: Ostrava, Czech Republic
IBAN: CZ8708000000004725672013

If your bank fees are high, an alternative is to make a PayPal payment (with lower fees) to Jan Kubaty @kulinek and then Jan will be able to transfer your donation to the charity account for you.

3. You can buy Ukrainian traditional shirts and T-shirt from our website (coming soon) that will be transported back to Czech/UK for free in our humanitarian transport vehicles. The entire profit from the sale will be transfered to our charity account with your name next to amount you have donated that way.

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