Smoked Trout, Lentil & Beetroot Salad

salmon & beetroot salad bright

Thanks to Pat Perry from Newbury for sending in this tasty and healthy recipe inspired by Waitrose’s Warm Salmon & Beetroot Salad.

If you are using smoked fillets you probably won’t need the horseradish sauce. (If you like to buy local, check out Berkshire Trout in Hungerford).


2 tsp vinegar
1 tsp honey
2 tsp hot horseradish sauce (optional)
2 tbsn soured cream
(or 3 tbsn salad cream to substitute for above)
5gm finely chopped dill (optional)
1 small shallot/onion thinly sliced
250gms cooked/sprouted lentils
200gm cooked, sliced beetroot
1 tsp olive oil
50gm (big handful) rocket or salad leaves
2 smoked or poached trout or salmon fillets (vegetarians can substitute cubes of smoked tofu)
salt and pepper


1, Dissolve honey and a pinch of salt into the vinegar in a bowl. Stir in the sliced shallot/onion and leave for 10 minutes to quick pickle. Alternatively, add the sliced shallot/onion to the lentils and beetroot in step 3 and drizzle the whole salad with salad cream and omit and horseradish sauce and sour cream.

2. Line the serving bowl with the rocket/salad leaves.

3. Toss the lentils and beetroot and olive oil in a bowl. Season. Pour over the leaves.

4. Flake the fish and scatter over the top.

5. Lift the shallot/onion out of the pickling liquor and scatter over the fish. Stir the horseradish sauce (optional), sour cream and dill into the pickling sauce. Season and either drizzle over the salad or present on the side for people to help themselves.


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