Poseidon Carers now based in Hungerford

Poseidon carer with bike

Four Ghurka nurses from Poseidon Care now live and work in Hungerford. Originally from Nepal, they have settled in well and enjoy meeting people locally and exploring the countryside on their bikes.

The nurses either stay in their clients’ home to provide live-in care or they stay in their own home and visit clients for specific hours during the day.

For most Nepalese people, care starts at home at an early age. The inner spirit of nursing which is care of people, remains within most of the Nepalese mothers or women who traditionally take care of their family and provide nursing care to the sick, injured and older people within the family. Most of the senior care workers at Poseidon Care come from multi-generational homes so are comfortable with keeping a discreet distance and keeping themselves to themselves. However, they are just as comfortable integrating with the family unit.

The Covid pandemic highlighted the challenges faced by the senior care industry within the UK. There has been extensive coverage across the press on care home staff shortages, lack of staff training and high costs at the expense of the senior population in a time of their life when they need care, compassion, dignity and quality of service the most. An increasingly popular alternative to care homes families have been turning to recently is live-in senior care for their loved ones, especially for those who have complex care needs.

If you would like further information on the services offered at Poseidon Care please contact Tara Siddons-Deighton on 01252 282 110 or  care@poseidon-gp.com.

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