Hungerford in Bloom 2022 – congratulations to the winners

The Hungerford in Bloom 2022 awards ceremony

Despite threating rain clouds, spirits were certainly not dampened on Saturday 3 September with HTC hosting a double civic event.  The first event was the annual grant award ceremony and was followed by the presentation of the awards to the winners of Hungerford in Bloom 2022 (see full list below). These had all beaten off stiff competition from many enviable gardens, outdoor spaces and courtyard gardens in the residential and commercial categories.

“It is such a pleasure to be presenting the prizes to the green-fingered, talented residents in Hungerford,” the town’s Mayor Helen Simpson said. “We had yet again a fantastic response to the Hungerford in Bloom competition this year with a showcase of colour and creativity from the smallest of courtyard gardens to some of the larger commercial properties.  I love to see what the community can create in even the smallest or most challenging spaces and meeting with the winners I’m hoping to put to test some of their useful tips!”.  

Thanks also go to the judges, Linda and Jane from the 4LEGS Radio Gardening Show.

The winners

The Margaret Wilson Memorial Trophy

The Winner of the Margaret Wilson Memorial Trophy (awarded to the entrant who achieves the highest number of winning place points) was Brian Talmage.

Residential Categories

Front Garden                                         
Joint First Place: Stuart Hall & Brian Talmage
Third place: Joe Kirby

Back Garden                                           
Joint First Place: Brian Talmage & Graham Tucker
Third place:  Anita Campbell & Rita Phillips

Courtyard Garden                              
First Place: Brian Talmage
Second Place:  Sadie Herbert

Commercial Categories

Public Houses:                                       
First:  The Railway Tavern
Joint Second:  The Three Swans
Joint Second: Royal British Legion Club

Joint First: Christian Alba Butchers
Joint First: Hungerford Arcade               
Third: The Clockmaker

Any Other Commercial:   
First: Crown Mews
Second: Hungerford Hub
Third: Cosy Coffee Shop

Schools & Voluntary Groups

Schools – Containers                        

First place:  Hungerford Nursery School

Volunteer Garden:                            

First place: Smarten Up Hungerford

HAHA Allotment Categories


Mini Plots:

First place: Caroline Mantell  Plot 85a
Second place: Joanna Kerr  Plot 10b
Third equal: Maria Kopec  Plot 84d
Third equal: Charlotte Seibert  Plot 85c

Two or less poles:

First Place: Lesley Jones  Plot 87a
Second Place: Mark Foster  Plot 18b
Third equal: Henry and Betty Jefferies  Plot 44b
Third equal: Des Reardon  Plot 62c
Third equal: Ed Sexton and Julie Davies Plot 71

Over two poles but less than four:

First Place: Robin and Jill Pocock  Plot 66
Second Place: Andrew Sladen   Plot 53
Third Place: Piotr Jaworski Plot 52

Four poles and over:

First Place: Neal Pike   Plots 16 and 23a
Second Place: Jenny Alford   Plot 35
Third Place: Robert James Plot 80


First Place: Thomas Rivers  Plot 1                                    
Second Place: Louise Blake  Plot 2                                                    
Third Place: Tessa Brown/The Nursery   Plot 17

Overall Best Plot on the day
Neal Pike, Marsh Lane plots 16 and 23a.  Described by the judge as ‘outstanding’.

Hungerford in Bloom 2022

Hungerford Town Council has launched its annual Hungerford in Bloom competition and welcomes entries from residents, community groups and businesses.  There are categories for all types of garden or floral displays, large or small.

This popular competition is enjoyed by many each year.  Gardening is recognised as being hugely beneficial to wellbeing.  We hope that in this Jubilee year even more people will get involved and have fun enhancing our beautiful town and maybe providing inspiration to others.  The hanging baskets and window boxes organised by HTC will have red, white and blue plantings this year.  Perhaps entrants to Hungerford in Bloom might also like to consider a Jubilee theme?

There will also be a competition for allotment holders in Hungerford.  Further details on this to be announced by Hungerford Allotment Holders Association (HAHA).

Please get involved.  Residential or commercial, we hope you will make the competition fun, help enhance our beautiful town and maybe provide inspiration to others.


1.Private residential property

  • Front Garden
  • Back Garden
  • Courtyard Garden

2. Volunteer Garden

3. School

  • Garden
  • Container

4. Commercial Premises

  • Public Houses
  • Shops
  • Any Other Commercial


1. Garden means an area with beds / borders / lawns etc. A garden can also include containers.
2. Courtyard Garden has hardstanding and comprises mainly containers.
3. Volunteer Garden is any area tended by volunteers.
4. Container can be any vessel used to grow plants in. This includes baskets, pots, troughs and planters but also more unusual containers, for instance wheelbarrows, wellies etc
5. Public Houses are eligible to enter if they are within the bounds of Hungerford town.
6. Shops includes all retail outlets including car showrooms.
7. Any Other Commercial includes all other commercial premises within the bounds of the town including those on business parks.
8. Any elements of the display provided by HTC will be excluded from judging.
9. Displays must last for the duration of the season for which they are intended as far as possible, ie, summer displays June/July.
10. Entries will be accepted from anyone providing their entry complies with this schedule.
11. Entries will be scored on the following criteria: colour, variety of planting, maintenance, originality and overall impact.
12. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
13.  The Margaret Wilson Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the entrant who achieves the highest number of winning place points.  In the case of a draw, the Trophy will be awarded to the entrant with the highest total score from the judges (as in 11) in the categories in which they have won a prize.
14. The Judges’ decision is final.
15. Entry forms must be submitted to HTC office by email or hard copy by 5pm on Monday 20 June 2022.
16. Judging will take place on Saturday 2 July 2022.

How to Enter

Please download the entry form here.

Or please contact Hungerford Town Council on or 01488 686195 and leave a message with your name, an email address or postal address and we will send you an entry form.

Entry deadline: 5pm Monday 20 June 2022

Judging Day: Satruday 2 July 2022




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