Fun Easter Activities for the Family

PP Easter Fun

Easter is a lovely time for crafts and cooking – see our ideas below to get you started.

Here are some local events and activities to enjoy over the holiday:

Free Easter iSpy Trail at Cobbs Farm 4 – 18 April

Thatcham Pop-Up Family Adventure World 14 – 18 April

Easter Belgian Chocolate Craft Session at The Ace Space, Newbury Fri 15 to Sat 16 Apr

Newbury Easter Egg hunt & craft pop-up 9 – 24 April

Newbury EasterFest 2022  15 to 17 April and you can find the activity schedule here and more information about the event here. There’s something there for all ages so you won’t want to miss out.

Avebury National Trust offers fun family activities 11-24 April 2022. For details check out the National Trust Website.

Easter Craft Ideas

How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Thanks to Hungerford Youth Club for these great techniques for decorating eggs for Easter. To make the eggs you can either use craft eggs or blow your own real eggs (see video on how to do this below). If you use hard boiled eggs, the shells tend to crack.

1. Nail Varnish Marbling

Fill a bowl with about 5 cms of water. Drizzle different coloured nail varnishes into the water. Dip the eggs in until completely coloured with varnish. Let the eggs dry (can put on radiator).

If you want your eggs to be shinier, paint them with a thin layer of PVA glue

Secure some garden twigs in a pot of sand and hang your eggs from them (see photo above) – a quick and easy, but effective craft.

2. Decoupage Decoration

Tear fancy tissue paper into strips and small pieces. 

Use PVA glue to stick them to the eggshell.

When the shell is completely covered you can give it an extra coat when dry to make it more durable. 

Super easy for little ones and the bigger ones find it fun too. 

If you have used a blown eggshell, you can thread a string through the egg with a long needle and the tie a ribbon bow at the bottom so the egg can be hung. 

Some craft eggs come with strings already attached.

How to Blow an Egg

How to Make Eggs out of String and other Easter Craft Ideas

How to make an Easter bunny from an egg box (scroll down lots of other brilliant ideas)


And we can’t forget chocolate! Here are Tips on How to Enjoy Easter Without Ruining Your Teeth from Lambourn Dental Surgery. And an explanation of Why we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by eating chocolate eggs.

Here is a yummy hot cross bun recipe from Blandy’s at Inglewood Head Chef.
healthy cream egg

Healthy Creme Egg Recipe

This dairy free version of a Cadbury creme egg made with dark chocolate and cashews is tasty and nutritious. The cashews are a fantastic source

Four-Legged Friends

For your four-legged friends here are some Healthy Treat Ideas for Dogs this Easter (because chocolate is really bad for them).

And here is an Easter Activity pack for Kids to learn about their pets with Trindledown Animal Welfare Trust

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