Ukraine Fundraiser: Buy a Print of Taking The Long Way Home

Take the Long Way Home - Ukraine print

Just weeks ago the people of Ukraine – the men, women, children, elderly people that are now forced to flee their country – were living lives very much like ours with hopes, jobs, fears and plans. The innocent victims of a war they did nothing to bring to their towns and cities.

So far, of the 3 million that have had to run for their lives with shells falling around them, half are children.

Local artist Lucy Gilmore illustrated Taking the Long Way Home (above) because it broke her heart to see what was happening to people of Ukraine and having no real way of helping at the time.

Lucy’s illustration tells the story of the people of Ukraine:

  • Of those staying in bunkers under apartment buildings and hospitals;
  • Of the farmers stepping up to ‘rehome’ tanks;
  • Of the women, children, elderly people, people with disabilities – and all their pets;
  • Of their long journey from a home they carry with them in their hearts every step of the way – a home they want to get back to.

Taking the Long Way Home also tells the story of the normal people, mainly in their neighbouring countries of Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova and Hungary, opening their arms and hearts to the millions needing support to take the long way home, and along the way, the illustration also gave me a way to help and feel a little less helpless.

Dawn Baxendale, who has a friend on the front line in Ukraine, has joined forces to help Lucy get prints made to raise as much money as possible for both the DEC and the local soldiers and support people shown in Kyiv get essential foods and medicines.

Ukrainian women making camouflage
Women making camouflage
Artist Lucy Gilmore
Artist Lucy Gilmore
Dawn's friend Victor on the frontline

How to Order a Print

Please click here at to buy your print of Taking the Long Way Home for a suggested minimum donation of £5. If you would make a further voluntary donation to cover the cost of the postage that would be more money available to feed the brave soldiers and support the community helping them.

Thank you for helping.

Dawn & Lucy


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