Local Artist in Focus: Jade Hutt

For today’s artist in focus, Penny Post contributor Mirek Gosney speaks with Jade Hutt, the Thatcham artist behind these stunning paintings of natural landscapes and wildlife. Jade’s artwork communicates a sincere passion and keen eye for detail and it is clear to see why. Jade’s love for nature and wildlife began at an early age and led her to study Horse Care and Management at the Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA).

She has exhibited her artwork at local markets and galleries and intends to continue doing so on a larger scale. Here’s what she had to say.

Nature and wildlife are a key part of your work. Have these things always been important to you?

Nature and wildlife have always been important to me! I take great joy incorporating these into my artwork. Being outdoors, seeing pretty sunsets, and visiting the beach with my friends are also important parts of my life! I am constantly taking photos and searching for references, whether this is cool trees, beautiful skies, and pretty landscapes. Growing up, I was surrounded by animals. My house became known as ‘the farm’. But I think my interest in these things first came about through my passion for horse riding. I studied Horse Care and Management at college; they are such strong and amazing animals! I paint what I appreciate and wildlife and nature definitely fall under this.

What advice would you offer to future artists about promoting their work, and what practices would you encourage them to avoid?

Promoting artwork is difficult, especially now with so many great artists on social media. I would advise artists to keep creating social pages but to remember that no amount of likes or follows will determine your success and identity as an artist. Aspiring artists shouldn’t let social media discourage them in any way. That said, I think all artists need to consider what practices work best for them, as what works for me might not work for others. I personally enjoy being face-to-face with my customers. I frequently visit market stalls to display my work, including the one at Thatcham. It’s a great way to promote yourself and interact with your customers. Always keep business cards and leaflets available to hand. Be confident in your work and remember that art is subjective. 

Is there a particular artist or art style that has influenced your work?

Many artists have inspired me, especially on Instagram. There are so many great artists producing insane work out there, even though they remain practically unheard of! I have spoken with many artists that motivate me, though I don’t tend to use other artists as an influence. I started painting because I enjoy expressing myself in a different way and how it makes me feel. So, whilst a lot of smaller artists have given me ideas, I generally tend to paint how I feel or what I like in the moment. Painting what makes me happy has definitely boosted my self-esteem. Still, maintaining a community of artists around you to help with motivation and support is essential. It’s a great feeling and helps to keep me on track, and for that, I am very grateful.

Do you have any exciting new projects or artistic areas you wish to explore this year?

This year, my work will hopefully feature in a shop in Thatcham, alongside my usual display at Thatcham Market. I also plan to join another market and showcase my work there. I would love to spend more time working on portraits and experimenting with new techniques, including dot work. I look forward to working on these projects this year!

Thank you and best of luck to you, Jade. We look forward to seeing more of your work feature at Thatcham Market! To view further examples of Jade’s work, visit @jade.art.acrylicpaintings


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