How to stay as well as possible during Covid

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There are several things we can do to prepare our bodies to fight the virus and to help deal with it should it arrive…

1. Diet

Listen to diet advice from a local nutritionist Sam Silvester who is offering a monthly support package for £10/month. My tai chi teacher recommends a thumb size of raw ginger blitzed with half an apple and some water first thing in the morning and half an hour before you go to bed. Here are more ideas for immune-boosting home remedies.

2. Exercise

Dr William Bird says that “moving in short bursts is enough to boost your body’s production of natural killer cells that work as your body’s natural defence system, killing viruses as they try to enter your body. In order to do their job effectively though, they need to be woken up regularly with a burst of exercise – at least two activity sessions per day.” For help with exercises in the home, follow the Beat the Bug facebook page.

For more help with exercise at home and the best posture for working at a laptop, listen to these tips from Andy at West Berkshire Injury Clinic.

Going for walks is very beneficial – see our local guide to walks here.

3. Breathing

Physiotherapists recommend this exercise for any patients with respiratory or pneumonia symptoms to increase the capacity of their lungs:

  • Inhale and hold for five seconds, exhale slowly.
  • Repeat five times.
  • On the sixth time, cough (to dislodge phlegm).
  • Repeat the whole sequence again.
  • Then lie down on your front and continue to breath deeply. (Lying on your back constricts your airways.)

See demonstration here.

4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very good for the immune system and is effective in reducing hospitalisation required for Covid patients (see this report by Dr John Campbell). 20 minutes of sunlight on unprotected skin (but without burning) is the best source. For advice about whether you might also benefit from Vitamin D supplements contact nutritionist Sam Sylvester.

5. Sleep Well

Local meditation teacher Gillian Ward invites you to join her Sleep Retreat facebook group for daily tips on relaxation and sleeping better.

6. Relax

Relaxation is extremely beneficial to the immune system. See our guide to online courses for yoga, qi gong and meditation classes at this time.


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