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4 Legs Radio is a community-based, internet radio service for people located within the Lambourn Valley.

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Below is a list of previous broadcasts from Penny’s show on Fridays:


11 February 2022 | Mental Health Awareness from Ride’22 Tasha Page & Angela Ryan from Recovery in Mind

This week Penny talks to Tasha Page who is raising awareness about the problem of teen suicide and funds for the Papyrus charity in memory of her brother Conor who tragically took his own life four years ago. Also Penny speaks to Angela Ryan, who has experienced her own mental health journey, and now runs Recovery in Mind courses for anyone in West Berkshire who wants support with mental health.


4 February 2022 | Four in a Bed Talk with Freddie Tulloch + Chat with Emma from Into the Light Home Healing

Emma Loveheart from Into the Light Home Healing talks about her work clearing people’s homes (from 2 min 30 sec) then Freddie Tulloch from The Queen’s Arms shares his experience of being on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed series.


28 January 2022 | Student Restaurant 3-Course-Meal at Newbury College

This week Penny will be enjoying lunch at Newbury College’s restaurant where students prepare and serve the meals to develop their professional catering skills. The restaurant is open to the public for lunch on Wednesday and Friday during term-time and serves a constantly changing menu to provide the students with an extensive portfolio of skills and culinary knowledge and to offer diners a wide range of exciting and seasonal dishes.


21 January 2022 | Volunteering & Reducing Food Waste in Wantage with Kate Farrington

This week Penny chats with Kate Farrington from Wantage who started a social enterprise ‘Down to Earth’ in May last year, in an attempt to bring people together to make good use of food, and to bridge the divide between those who struggle with food vulnerability, and the huge excesses of good food going to waste. Kate helps run Sustainable Wantage’s Community Fridge and Larder and also offers sustainable cookery courses and runs Climate Cook-In events with support from Good Food Oxfordshire.


14 January 2022 | Holiday & Travel Help from Veronica Bailey at Fare Wise Travel

Latest travel advice from Veronica at Fare Wise Travel – listen from 11 mins 30 sec for her advice on booking flights, insurance, skiing in Europe, vaccination certificates, carbon off-setting, sustainable holidays. For more help, please call Veronica on 01488 686858.


7 January 2022 | Stories from Karla and Patrick Hickman-Robertson

This week Penny’s guests are long-term Eastbury residents Karla and Patrick Hickman-Robertson who have a fascinating story to tell, spanning Karla’s escape from East Germany to her career in Hollywood and Emmy-award winning documentary. Also Patrick speaks about his adventures around the world before a career in the BBC, the Civil Service and becoming an author.


31 December 2021 | Reflections of 2021 from Brian and Michael Quinn

Penny is joined in the studio by Brian and Michael Quinn, who take a look back at some of the local and national events of 2021 and look forward to 2022.


17 December 2021 | The Christmas Special

With Christmas and party food very much on people’s minds, Penny gives some alternative suggestions to put on your plates during the festive period. Plus there’s a recording from last week’s Reindeer Run at Great Shefford School and from the same school you’ll hear the winning entries from this year’s Christmas Short Story Writing Competition.


10 December 2021 | Great Shefford Primary School Reindeer Run

Penny phones in ‘Live’ from Great Shefford Primary school for this year’s Reindeer Run. Penny interviews children and parents as they take part in what should be a fun family Christmas activity.


3 December 2021 | Interview with Mastermind Finalist, Roy Bailey

On This Week with Penny, Roy Bailey from Great Shefford takes a trip down memory lane. He relives his experiences as a Mastermind finalist in 1988, which was challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, and produced a wealth of memorable experiences.


26 November 2021 | Interview with Ness from Horse Drawn Occasions

This week, Penny goes to South Fawley to meet Ness from Horse Drawn Occasions and their wonderful Suffolk Punch and Percheron heavy horses. They moved here from Winchester in early 2021, so this is the first year they are offering Christmas carriage rides in our local area.


19 November 2021 | Interview with Agaré Business-Owner, Stephen Hodgson

This week, Penny catches up with Stephen Hodgson, whom she first met in Upper West Ghana a few years ago. Stephen lives near Swindon and has started a sustainable business, making Agaré luxury soap from shea butter, supplied by women in Lawra, who wild harvest shea nuts in the bush. He pays them a good price for the butter, so they earn a living wage. Stephen plans to move the soap production to Lawra and to train the women to make it, so they can earn even more money. This enterprise is also designed to protect the shea trees by increasing the value of the nuts, as many of the trees are currently being felled to make charcoal. Shea trees are drought-resistant and vital to the area which suffers from increasingly long dry seasons due to climate change.
Updates and further information can be found on Stephen’s Facebook page.


5 November 2021 | Interview with Award-Winning Public Speaker, Lis Allen

This week Penny catches up with public speaker and coach Lis Allen from Hungerford. Lis has recently received the Joy of Spirit Award from the UK Professional Speaking Association and describes herself as a deep thinker with a wicked sense of humour. Ten years ago Lis launched her Vagina Dialogues and Talking Boll**ks events which have stretched the minds of people around the world. Her next big vision for the future is a new event, The Pregnant Pause. As the name suggests, this will be aimed specifically at pregnant/new parents. Also, Brian Quinn will be on the phone to talk about news and events taking place in the Lambourn Valley.


 29 October 2021 | Live Chat with High Sheriff of Berkshire & Local Heroes

With the High Sheriff of Berkshire visiting us to present the awards to the winners of the Lockdown Hero Awards, he’s taken the opportunity to meet with some of the individuals who help run the community groups that do fantastic work to help support people in the Lambourn Valley. Penny is joined by the High Sheriff for some live chat as he meets with Julie Blogg from the Lambourn Junction, Brian Watson (pic) from Racing Welfare, plus Jane McCarthy and Andrew Abbott from the Lambourn Volunteer Drivers.


15 October 2021 | Interview with Educafé’s Colline Watts & Clare Middleton, plus Lockdown Hero Awards

This week Penny chats with Colline Watts and Clare Middleton, the brains behind Educafé, West Berkshire’s first community café in Newbury. Educafé is normally open every Wednesday in The Globe Pub’s indoor garden, but they are hosting a special World Food Day café this Saturday with lots of delicious international cuisine to enjoy. Plus, Penny announces the East Garston winner of the Lockdown Hero Award.


8 October 2021 | Interview with Lambourn Environmental Group’s Penny Brewer and Ruth Andreski

Penny speaks with Penny Brewer and Ruth Andreski from Lambourn Environmental Group, who explain their exciting plans for tree planting in the village and how everyone can get involved next month with spades at the ready!


1 October 2021 | HGV Shortage Thoughts from Cate Earl & Lambourn Pharmacy COVID Jabs

Local lorry driver and transport manager Cate Earl from Lambourn gives a very frank insight into why we have a shortage of HGV drivers in this country and what can be done to improve the situation. Plus Graham Jones talks to Suzi Cairns about Lambourn Pharmacy being commissioned as a low-volume Covid vaccine centre starting from this weekend. They will be administering the Pfizer vaccine as the recommended booster jab.


24 September 2021 | Exercise After Lockdown with Sam Chapman

This week Penny chats with Sam Chapman, Manager of the Audley Health Club for over 55s at Inglewood about the importance of exercise after lockdown and the benefits of hula hooping! Sam explains how she helps club members maintain good balance, strength and mobility. She also helps people who have lost confidence and want to lose weight but are nervous about getting back into the gym and Covid safety.


17 September 2021 | TimeToTalk’s Georgina Punter on Mental Health & Wellbeing in West Berkshire

Penny’s guest, Georgina Punter from West Berkshire’s Time to Talk charity, explains all about the invaluable counselling service they provide for 11 to 25 year olds in West Berkshire. They have an increasing number of referrals and a waiting list of 100 young people. For more information and how to donate please visit


10 September 2021 | Hungerford Health & Wellbeing, plus West Berks Action for Refugees

Andy Spaak from West Berkshire Injury Clinic explains what will be happening at the first Hungerford Health & Wellbeing Event on Sat 11 Sept. Then (from 31 minutes) Waheeda Soomro and Claire McCorquodale from West Berkshire Action for Refugees outline what they are doing on the ground to help Syrian refugees who have settled in our area and the new Afghan refugees who are arriving now.


3 September 2021 | Steve Taylor from The Toy Planet, plus her son Adam on Plastic Waste

This week Penny catches up with Steve Taylor from The Toy Planet in Wantage to hear about a very special visitor they have in their shop at the moment. Penny also chats to her son Adam about why we should worry about what happens to our plastic waste. Adam has just returned from 18 months in Vietnam and has seen first-hand the health and environmental problems caused by waste, often exported by countries like the UK to developing countries that don’t have the infrastructure to process it safely.


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