News from Lambourn Primary School – March/April 2022

Thanks to Lambourn Primary School Principal Rachel Perkins for the latest news from Lambourn Primary School.

March 2022

On 15 March our Year 5 pupils at Lambourn C of E School visited North Fields to plant over 60 young trees called ‘whips’ as part of our Science week. The following day it poured with rain so the little trees were well watered! That completed Lambourn Environmental Group’s first big planting project.

The LEG volunteers who worked with the children wrote to Mrs Perkins “It was a splendid example of REAL EDUCATION based on first hand experience.  The children all fully engaged and extremely well behaved and polite.  A credit to Lambourn Primary School.”

Well done Year 5, we are so proud of you!

If you would like to know more about the tree planting project please email

Lambourn school pupils plant trees


February 2022

Year 3 Stone Age Enquiry

Year 3 have been studying the Stone Age in their enquiry learning and this week they studied replica Stone Age artefacts. These were lent by the Museum in Newbury and allowed the children to be able to experience in person what these items would be used for by people at that time.The children found them absolutely fascinating and very thought provoking. 
What have we learnt in Collective Worship this week?

On Tuesday in Collective Worship Rev Julie came and talked to us about the Three Kings and we talked about an angel who protected Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. The whole school listened and heard that Mary and Joseph left Bethlehem with only what they had in their bare hands. 

Alina was holding the baby, Blake was holding Joseph, Maisie was holding Mary and Sebi was holding the angel. People like Mary and Joseph had to pack, pack, pack and run, run, run to find a safe place from Herod.

Written by Darcy (Y4)


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